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You’re at the right place if you’re looking for some reliable Skip Hire Cambridgeshire services. Zem Services Ltd has its wings spread across the UK, providing fast, easy, and cost-effective Skip hires solutions to the customers and gathering positive reviews. Our goal is to be flexible and collaborate with you to find the best solution. Thanks to our extensive range of suppliers. We can meet varying customer needs, whether they are household, commercial, DIY, or trade. We can provide any skip size over our network to meet your specific requirements.


We go above and beyond to mold the process of hiring a skip as easy as possible. So, whether you’re renting a skip for the first time or need a comprehensive business waste management strategy. We like to make things simple.


Many individuals are unaware that skip hire is one of the most effective trash management solutions for homes, construction projects, and commercial enterprises. Whether it’s due to remodeling, a major clean-up, or a build-up of trash in your home, trash can assemble anywhere.

Instead of having to haul all your heavy waste to the tip and sort it yourself. Professional rubbish removers will collect your Skip at a convenient time, transport it to carefully dispose of the waste. Hiring a skip means choosing to be eco-friendly. Skip hire works out to be more cost-effective than removing waste yourself.


The Man with a van caters to the more urgent requirements you may have, where our team will arrive and collect your waste to save you the hassle. For individuals looking to dispose of unwanted waste, the ‘Man with a van service has become a popular alternative to skip hire. If you don’t have enough room or can’t discard rubbish yourself, this service may be a suitable alternative. The service is usually inexpensive than hiring a skip as you only pay for the trash collection. This allows you to remove items like fridges, freezers, tires that cannot be placed in a skip.


Rubbish removal is an on-demand service that can remove any type of waste from your house or company. We move large items like furniture and appliances, do entire house cleanouts, perform rubbish removal operations in various locations, and collect all forms of waste and construction debris from real estate cleanouts. Because we care about the environment, we attempt to discard trash as soon as possible! 


Skip Hire Cambridgeshire from Zem Services Ltd ® is just what you need to meet your personal and professional needs. Our Skip Hire Cambridgeshire Services comes in a range of sizes to accommodate all of your garbage collecting needs. Our services are efficient and cost-effective, so you should try them out.


Mini skips are the smallest skips available. We are convenient because they are small enough to fit on any property. Customers can put these skips in the most convenient area, cutting down on the time they spend dumping rubbish. A council permit isn’t required because mini skips are tiny enough to fit on any property.


A midi skip will fit into any property, making rubbish removal a breeze. Midi skips are best used for clean-ups following a single-room refurbishment. They’re perfect for kitchen and bathroom renovations. 


Builder Skip Hire is a popular choice for both residential and business customers. They’re a fantastic option if you’re relocating or renovating your entire home. Builder Skip is required to clear the capacity on company scales, construction sites, and retailers where the volume of garbage is more significant.


Maxi skips are heavy-duty, large-scale skips. These skips can manage a wide range of rubbish, including huge goods and bulky stuff. Maxi skips are the most common garbage removal choice for both business and residential customers in the UK. 


Zem Services Ltd.’s roll-on, roll-off Skip Hire service is incredibly cost-effective. Roll-on roll-off Skips have a natural inclination for transporting big and mighty things. The roll-on, roll-off Skip hire is an excellent option for large mechanical sites and waste removal.


Unwanted trash is kept safe and secure in lockable skips. It’s ideal for maintaining trash hidden and out of sight. Lockable skips have the primary advantage of preventing trash theft and keeping your trash safe so that no one can access or misuse it.


Zem Services Ltd® is a well-known licensed trash management company. Our company provides the best Skip Hire Cambridgeshire services at a fair cost to our customers. Our skip hire Cambridgeshire prices are broken down by size. Choose the best option for you based on your needs. Send us a note to receive a quote!

2 Yard Skip

For domestic usage, a 2 yard skip is sufficient. If you’re acquiring a permit, this is the minor skip service.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard skip is an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen renovations. They’re a perfect option for a quick clean-up or if you have a little space in your home.

4 Yard Skip

It is the most crucial instrument for meeting the demands of the family. A midi skip can transport 30 to 40 waste sacks.

5 Yard Skip

5 yard You can use the Skip to dispose of any home or industrial trash.

6 Yard Skip

6 yard skips have aided a variety of household and business operations. 

8 Yard Skip

The most popular developer skip size is eight yards. It also comes at a low price and is simple to use in Cambridgeshire.

10 Yard Skip

In large projects, it is the ideal leap to utilize. It is completely reliable and has a sizable waste-transporting capacity. 

12 Yard Skip

Commercial clients frequently employ these for significant projects involving heavy products and ordinary building waste.

14 Yard Skip

14 yard skips are popular for medium to large-scale projects. Such as attic cleanouts, office renovations, and more.

16 Yard Skip

If you have a large amount of garbage to dispose of, our 16-yard skips are ideal.

18 Yard Skip

These skips are suitable for massive volumes of waste. Such as building debris and bulky objects.

20 Yard Skip

Large commercial or building projects are the most typical uses for 20 yard skips. 

25 Yard Skip

The most significant Skip transports roughly 275 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip

It is ideal for commercial use. It can transport up to 300 bin bags.

40 Yard Skip

It is the largest Skip and is mostly used to hold trash in corporate and commercial areas. 


They assist me in selecting the appropriate skip size for my needs. When I called to arrange for pickup, they came the next day. The man who took it up was equally kind. They come highly recommended by me.
Customer service was excellent, and they responded quickly and took action from the third-party skip supplier. They immediately corrected my problem and handled it as fast as possible.
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