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Look no further if you wonder where to turn for the best skip hires in town in your area. Skip Hire Angus is here to provide you with all sorts of garbage elimination services. Our trained staff and excellent field team are ready to jump in at your call and your convenience. We have successfully handled all operations in terms of effective and efficient garbage removal services provided to pour clients from all spheres of life in your area in Angus. We have efficiently coordinated all our functions at Zem Services Limited to please our clients, whether small or large companies or households.


We only provide top-notch services to our valuable clients in Angus. Our services include hiring skip at highly reasonable prices, man-with-a-van service, and garbage elimination service. We can provide all these services to you at a time and separately, depending on your need.


We offer exceptional skip hire services in Angus with varying facilities and at affordable prices. We trust in providing our clients with a variety of skip types to deal with their custom requirements along with a vast range in sizes under one roof. It is the basic need that every resident of Angus should pamper himself. So what are you waiting for? Grab your deal at the lowest rates!


Our man with a van service is available 24/7 to assist effective cleaning at your places. The man with a van facility from Zem is very reasonably priced. We have the most competent team to clean the trash from your area, and then they make sure to collect it for disposal, leaving behind no hassle to deal with. Besides providing a cost-effective solution to trash regulation, it acts as a space saver that a skip usually takes. People are choosing us because we provide better service.


Rubbish Removal is a popular facility to eliminate any sort of junk from your home or business. We handle huge things like furnishings and machines, do full house cleanouts, and clean a wide range of waste and construction garbage from real estate cleanouts. Our Rubbish Removal service entails picking up all kinds of waste from your land for disposal. We have a specially trained field team that comes to your doorstep to clean up and pick up all types of waste and dirt piles.


We have varying sizes in skip hire capable of different jobs. our company a comprehensive collection of skips in various sizes suitable for picking up all kinds of waste like household trash, gardening waste material, restaurant waste, and small to large commercial and industrial construction waste disposal. We do not compromise on sizes because they can be used for multiple purposes.


The smallest skips in the shelve at Zem Services Limited used to carry small amounts of household trash. If your daily trash elimination need is less, then you should go for mini skip hire.


Midi skips are bigger than mini skips and can contain a slightly more significant amount of waste than mini skips. You can use the mini skips for dumping gardening waste material and your daily household garbage if it is in slightly more quantity.


Builder skips are used in small construction sites as they can handle small construction waste like repair work garbage material. You can also use it to get rid of your restaurant and office waste material.


Maxi skips are more significant than usual skips and can handle more wastage material compared to mini and midi skips. You can use maxi skips in your commercial projects, which might leave vast chunks of waste material in its wake. 


Roll-on Roll-off skips are accessible in a vast range of different sizes to cater to your all requirements. It can hold around 440 piles of trash. These are most popular at construction sites where heavy debris such as cement and other construction material is disposed of. 


A lockable skip can be utilized in both household and business areas. A lockable skip is most valuable when the skip will be left unattended in an openly open region most of the time. Utilizing a lockable skip will guarantee that undesirable waste isn’t added to your skip, which could include banned things.


Get the best deals in town in terms of skip hire in your area. At our highly economical prices suitable for all sectors of all industries, you would certainly be here again to hand over your garbage handling. You can also compare the prices of skips with our free comparison tool to make your search easier.

2 Yard Skip

It is a minor kind of skip available for hire at Zem Services Limited in Angus. Most residents prefer his size for their routine trash.

3 Yard Skip

It is bigger than the 2 yard skip, suitable for handling moderate household waste.

4 Yard Skip

4 yard skip is a better deal for you for gardening waste clean-ups.

5 Yard Skip

Get a 5 yard skip to get rid of piles of junk from your homes and offices. 

6 Yard Skip

Get a 6 yard skip to get rid of all construction rubble from your construction site, whether it is commercial or residential. 

8 Yard Skip

Use the 8 yard skip to dispose of any restaurant junk and garbage.

10 Yard Skip

Get your hands on a 10 yard skip to get rid of all sorts of gardening waste, renovation waste, along-with commercial projects garbage.

12 Yard Skip

Get yourself a 12 yard skip if you have commercial construction work going on at your site.  

14 Yard Skip

Get a 14 yard skip for industrial usage and for getting rid of large amounts of industrial waste.  

16 Yard Skip

For non-hazardous and non-harmful substance removal, get a 16 yard skip. No matter what property you require, it can hold a good amount.  

18 Yard Skip

Get your hands on an 18 yard skip in case you want to get rid of heavier and hefty amounts of garbage.  

20 Yard Skip

A 20 yard RORO skip is the most suitable skip for projects that yield heavy trash.

25 Yard Skip

For your more extensive construction needs and large-scale industrial projects, a 25 yard skip is your best option.  

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, use a 30 yard skip. 

40 Yard Skip

Use a 40 yard skip for the most prominent construction and commercial projects.  


They have always been my first choice for waste removal and ease of disposal systems. They provide their services in a timely fashion.
The dealing of Zem Services has been the best part of my experience. They have proven themselves to me each time.
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