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We welcome you to Skip Hire Cumbria. It is a licensed company with years of Expertise in skip hire services across the whole of Cumbria. Zem is undoubtedly the best company in the Cumbria area and many other places in the United Kingdom. Our company has been providing the best waste management services to customers for domestic and commercial sites for over the years now. We commit to offering the top best services at very affordable rates. If you’re looking for skip hire services in Cumbria, we are just a phone call away or an online booking; we are here for you. Our utmost priority is providing the best skip hire services serving customers’ needs at the best possible price. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction here at Zem Services Limited.


When you are hiring skip services from Zem Services Ltd®, it means you are hiring a skip from one of the best waste management experts in your area. Our skips come in different sizes to help you deal with waste swiftly. Even if you have significantly less quantity of renovation trash, the extent to collect it is available. Our Skip-hire company offers the following services to our valuable customers.


You may find cleaning houses a complicated process, so for your ease, we provide you with the services that will be the solution for you to make your places and environment clean. That is, you can skip-hire in Cumbria in whatever sizes you want, via which your houses and commercial areas can easily be cleaned. We can deliver a skip according to your requirements at very affordable rates. You can depend on Zem Services Ltd to clean and dispose of the waste because our expert team is ready to give you a skip-hire in Cumbria at any time that suits you.


We at Cumbria offer you the “man with a van” service. If you need a skip further away from the center, we cover the entire nearby region with this man, with a van service. You can depend on us in the matter of cleaning and disposing of the waste. Our skilled team provides you with skip-hire in Cumbria according to the time that is suitable for you.


After cleaning your desired areas, now we must provide you with a safe and protected environment. We eliminate the trash and make sure to make the area pollution-free. We provide a variety of other services to clean the waste in renovation and industrial work. Our company’s professionals will be available for you whenever you need them to clean the environment and help you get rid of debris.


Zem Services Ltd is an easy solution to all waste management services. You can take your skip-hire and receive it at your place on time. And if you worry about the suitable size, we have to skip–hire every size according to your need at a pocket-friendly price. Our skip hire bins range from mini or small skips to huge and most significant skips and are readily available for our customers throughout the year. 


This skip hire bin we are providing is perfect for smaller projects such as kitchen renovation, regular garden waste accumulation and other household tasks. Introducing the best feature of Mini skip hire a bin, its convenience and it can quickly get fitted at any place. 


Midi skips are a bit larger than mini skips, and they are pretty famous. As its size tells, a moderate amount of trash can be dealt with. You can use it for the removal of both domestic and commercial scrap. Because of their size, they are called versatile skips.


Builder skip bin size is mainly seen in commercial sites. Also, it is used for big household projects. It would be helpful if you had a lot of space to accommodate trash for consecutive days for shifting your house, and for that builder’ Skip is a perfect size. Adding more to it, this is the first one used by the construction company at the site property. The standard length of the builder skip bin can take up to 5,000 litres of liquid waste, mainly equivalent to 60-110 black bin bags. 


Maxi skip bin is built for large factories for handling tons of weight regularly. They are also used by big construction companies and are known best for the storage of heavy trash. It is most commonly seen at industrial places or building construction sites. At Frank, we have tie-ups with big and reputed industrial firms. Also, we provide them with the best maxi skip hire services. 


RORO skip bins are always a cost-effective option when compared to other skip-hire sizes. This skip bin can be quickly loaded and used even though it caters to heavy rubbish removal objects. The giant ROLL ON -ROLL OFF skip bins are a guaranteed savior for multi-sectional factories. Once the Skip is complete, you can inform us, and we will get the waste removed for you and return an empty skip bin if required. 


An intelligent choice such as Lockable skip hire keeps your waste secure from theft and protects it from unwanted debris. This skip prevents unauthorized access to the waste material stored inside the skip due to the skip locks and guarantees maximum safety so, it is preferable to all. These skips are available in various shapes based on your needs on our website; you can choose from them.


Zem has all skip hires from small to large that can eventually put all your debris in one place. Our assisting team will help you to choose the right size based on your trash. You will easily afford our services because the prices are relatively lower than any other firm.

2 Yard Skip

It is perfect for household use. Such as homes, offices, gardens, the kitchen requires cleanliness, and hence these small skip yards are of great help.  

3 Yard Skip

It is affordable in range; this skip hire size is perfect for time to time remodeling of homes, workplaces, washrooms, kitchens, gardens, and workplaces.

4 Yard Skip

Midi skip can carry up to 40-60 sacks of trash for household and small commercial works.  

5 Yard Skip

Slightly bigger, this helps you tackle waste for business parties, house shifting, and events, and so on.

6 Yard Skip

It’s affordable; this size of Skip hires coordinates in events like big garden cleanup and kitchen remodeling.

8 Yard Skip

Mostly preferable, this is  in modern and homegrown scrap lifters. Its cost is reasonable and is readily available in Cumbria.

10 Yard Skip

It is the initial size of the Maxi skip. Perfect for new ventures or start-ups, this skip hire can hold a medium level of trash.

12 Yard Skip

Well durable, this size skip yard caters to commercial purposes and handles considerable waste.

14 Yard Skip

This ensures tackling heavy trash objects at the site and is extremely useful in commercial projects.

16 Yard Skip

Bearing a capacity for more than 170-180 bags of trash, this is often used as the perfect waste management skip for clearing entire house renovations generated waste.

18 Yard Skip

Mostly found at construction sites to collect heavy materials, this skip size comes with vast space.

20 Yard Skip

The 20-yard Skip is preferable for extra large and heavy items .

25 Yard Skip

Essential for big factories and industries, this skip hire bin can accommodate around 275 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip

It is for business purposes and majorly for industrial waste; it can carry 300+ packs of trash and is an economical option.

40 Yard Skip

The largest waste carrier is commonly visible in industrial properties for heavy industrial liquid and material scraps. It is a budget-friendly choice for commercial purposes.


Zem should be your first preference when it comes to waste management services.
It was amazing seeing how professionally they work, and I would surely recommend them!
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