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Do you need to hire a skip? Luckily, we are your go-to skip hire company in Derbyshire if you want a reliable and affordable solution to your trash regulation problems. This is the place to get the most dependable services that Skip Hire Derbyshire has to offer all over Derbyshire. Our company has an extensive and capable skip range that efficiently regulates waste. We are working on a strategy that is both professional and cost-effective. We will bring you the keenest Skips that will cater to waste management at domestic and commercial scales. Call us to have any assistance in the hiring process.


Zem Services Ltd® is committed to delivering on our promise of high quality and high value for money in all of our commercial, industrial and domestic skip hire services. The services that we provide also include trash removal and consolidated cleaning.   


Skip hiring is a good choice if you intend to clean up and reclaim space in an entire house by getting rid of some items. Whether for a business or a family, Skip Hire-Derbyshire has a variety of skips to hire. Finding the best Skip Hire that fulfils your needs is much more difficult. Zem Services Ltd, on the other hand, always has a wide range of Skip sizes available to address your concerns. We can now offer you a more convenient service. You can book a skip, and we are available for you 24 hours a day to assist you in the process. 


Our man with a van is an exceptionally affordable service as you need not hire a skip for waste collection; you can discard it directly by availing of our service. When it comes to the urgent accumulation of your commercial, industrial and residential waste, Our team will promptly serve the cause by collecting all the trash. Call us to book an immediate waste removal solution. 


Contributing to a safe environment is one of our priorities. We also offer trash removal services to help you clean your home, construction places, and offices by discarding all the waste. One of the most spreading environmental problems is accumulating junk at different locations, which we came into the picture. People are assured with our service that our company eliminates trash and deals with waste material very efficiently.  


Skip Hire Derbyshire is working best to meet the professional and personal needs of the people living in the society. In various sizes and shapes, skips are readily available to carry all kinds of waste. Compare your needs with the skip capacities to have the best-suited Skip.


The smallest Skip is the mini Skip. It is the most popular domestic Skip for carrying household waste. Mini skips are available in two sizes, 2-yard and 3-yard; you can consider the size according to your disposal needs. These skips are often helpful for small renovation tasks.


The midi skips are comparatively more extensive and are available in four and five-yard sizes. Midi skips can carry 40 to 60 regular trash bags and therefore, are quite helpful in disposing of a medium amount of trash. So don’t worry about trash management anymore. We have all the sizes to deal with the waste effectively.


Builder skips can carry vast and heavy waste such as bricks, cement, concrete and other bulky waste, generally produced at the construction sites. We have builder skips in two different sizes, the smallest one occupying about 6-yard space, and the other is an 8-yard skip that can carry a considerate waste quantity.


Maxi skips are huge skip containers that are great for different homegrown, business and commercial applications. Accessible in five unique sizes, these skips are generally used to fill home redesigns, massive scope garden clean ups, office and retail clearouts and different business waste removal projects. Because of their size, maxi skips are likewise excellent, disposing of substantial materials and cumbersome things that make them the ideal waste evacuation tool.


Roll-On, Roll-Off skips offer various advantages over conventional skips, permitting you to store and discard a lot of waste successfully and effectively. On account of their extra-huge measurements, RORO skips can hold a colossal quantity of junk material. RORO skips are available in four sizes and can be open and lockable. It’s a perfect fit for large industrial projects.


Lockable skips are closed skips with locks; These are ideal skips for clients residing in populated areas because they prevent unauthorized access and additions to skip. Plus, it eliminates the risk of fly-tipping and thus authorizes the waste regulation process.


The cost of skip hire is determined by the size of the container, demand at the time of need, and geographic location.

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skip is small in size, so that’s why this is a valuable option for usage in homes, shops, and clinics.  

3 Yard Skip

It is the most affordable Skip in size and is also called a mini skip. It is ideal for small areas like homes, offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and many others.

4 Yard Skip

It is a little bit larger than a 2 or 3 yard Skip but still small in size and very cheap to remove trash of home improvements, renovation and construction work. 

5 Yard Skip

Midi skip is helpful to small tiny areas like the home, garden, small business, and many more areas from the trash.  

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard skip is the most productive size of a trash skip. It helps to destroy home renovation junk, industrial waste, public waste, and other waste materials. Its value is distinctive from other skips.  

8 Yard Skip

8 Yard Skip is a famous builder skip size. It is mainly chosen to clean the scrap of homes, large parks, building sites, and solid items. It is less expensive and easy to use in Derbyshire.  

10 Yard Skip

It is the first largest size of Maxi skip and  can clean 100-110 waste bags of industrial or commercial sites. It mainly helps to remove industrial waste.

12 Yard Skip

It is helpful to adjust the massive waste of things inside it. It is the best Skip that fits a large quantity of leftovers of commercial and solid items.  

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard maxi skip is large and can fit more waste and muck inside it.

16 Yard Skip

16 Yard skip is helpful to clean business waste. It is a big container and has a big area to transfer a vast amount of trash.  

18 Yard Skip

18 Yard Maxi Skip has more capacity, and it helps to remove the enormous amount of waste. It is mainly helpful for commercial work and heavy items.  

20 Yard Skip

20 Yard skip is the bigger size from roll-on roll-off Skip hire services. It is used to transfer plenty of waste.  

25 Yard Skip

25 Yard Skip handles an immense amount of industrial waste. It is competent to remove the big debris of construction work and daily use.  

30 Yard Skip

30 Yard Skip is most pleasing for business motives. It transfers about 330 sacks of waste. It is the second-largest size in the roll-on roll-off Skip, and it is frankly for economic business.

40 Yard Skip

It is the largest size of Skip that accommodates approximately all waste. It is very reasonable and fits a vast amount of debris.  


A trash management company. The staff of the company are very polite and friendly people. Its cost is very reasonable and user-friendly!!
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