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Whether you are renovating your home, doing construction work, or moving house in Hampshire, you need Skip Hire Hampshire, we are the best service in town to help you dispose of your bulk waste with different skip sizes at quite an affordable price. Zem Services Ltd is the fastest and yet the most accessible skip hire service that would be at your door within no time. We are committed to the best quality and outcome to help our community with superior waste removal facilities. Our Company does the hard work for you so that you face no difficulty in hiring or managing.


Zem Services Ltd is here to provide you with multiple services and skip size options. We have made Skip hiring even easier for you by introducing choices that make it simple for you to order. Our unbeatable customer service is always there to help you with everything. Our waste management services include skip hire, a man with a van, and trash removal.


You should choose skip hire service as it saves your valuable time and effort. Our Company facilitates you in helping you select the best service to properly manage waste removal with the help of our entrusted staff and network. Zem Services Ltd is available with various sized Skip hires to handle your household and commercial waste. Finding quality skip hire services is one of the most challenging jobs these days, and we’re here to help you.


As our work ethic involves facilitating our customers in every way possible, we introduce you to our “Man, with a van” service. Because of this, you will not have to worry about transport requirements. Our movers are not unknown, and we take great care to hire reliable and friendly staff. In addition, our skilled workers complete this process very carefully and meticulously. We will give you the most professional and efficient service. 


Our Company’s values focus on honesty and accountability. Zem is well aware of the dangers that irresponsibility with skip hire can bring to our community and Earth. We have worked with several businesses and locals in Hampshire. We manage your waste from both domestic and commercial sites. Besides, we help you clean your garden and handle your industrial waste. Give us a call; our professional team will be dispatched to your location without any delay. 


Zem Services Ltd provides sizes that can work for commercial, industrial, or even local purposes. Different works require different services. That is why we have multiple ranges of skip sizes that work well with your requirements. 


Managing waste can become a very challenging duty. Whether it is for a small amount of waste or bulk quantity of it, proper management is necessary. Mini Skip Hire is the smallest of skips. These skips are using to remove waste from tiny homes, gardens, and kitchens or bathrooms.


Midi skip hire service is best to use for household tasks and D.I.Y purposes. Minor household inconveniences can quickly be dealt with. It occupies the space equal to half a car. It usually is available at competitive prices, and it is pretty suitable for removing general rubbish.


Builder skip hire is using for most purposes, including domestic tasks, commercial and industrial projects. They are most common as their size makes them perfect for a lot of goals. Zem Services Ltd is here to provide the best and reliable builder skip that will help you remove even the most hazardous kind of wastes.


If you need to deal with a big household task or garden project, then these maxi skips are ideal for you to use. You are renovating your building property. We will assist according to your project, and we will manage your waste efficiently.


For industrial and commercial firms, Roll-on Roll-off skips, also called ro-ro skips, are perfect as they are made to remove bulky or heavy amounts of wastage. At the same time, they are also hired for domestic purposes, but they are ideal for commercial projects.


Lockable skips are essential as they provide you with the best peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about unwanted waste being thrown into your Skip as you can put a lock on your Skip. They provide more security and reliability and are mostly used for domestic or commercial wastes.


Skips of various sizes are available at Zem Services Ltd to dispose of different kinds of non-hazardous and hazardous wastes. These are available at affordable prices on our website and are used for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. Waste management has become a lot easier with diverse options in skips. 

2 Yard Skip

The 2 Yard Skip (the smallest Skip in size) is the best for smaller clear-out tasks or cleaning your home. 

3 Yard Skip

3 Yard skips are the smallest but the cheapest good option available for a small quantity of waste.

4 Yard Skip

For household refurbishments or D.I.Y. tasks, the 4-Yard skips are suitable to use. It contains about 45 bags of trash.

5 Yard Skip

They can be helpful for many domestic applications as they contain 55 bags and have big size for scrap removal.

6 Yard Skip

For heavy materials like brick waste or gardening jobs, 6 Yard skips are essential and preferred. 

8 Yard Skip

We can get rid of heavy materials with the help of an 8-Yard skip, and these are ubiquitous for clear-outs and for removing bulky things. 

10 Yard Skip

The 10 yard Skip is a bit bigger than the builder skips, and they have the capacity for 100-110 bags. 

12 Yard Skip

The 12 yard skips are more prominent and quite famous. Most commonly, they are using for commercial projects and industrial waste. 

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard Skip is versatile and can be used for multiple tasks, including commercial applications. 

16 Yard Skip

The 16 Yard Skip is one of the largest skips. It is prefer in commercial sites but can also use it for big domestic projects like complete home renovation. 

18 Yard Skip

The 18 Yard Skip is the biggest maxi skip. They are huge and can contain about 190-200 bags. 

20 Yard Skip

Most likely, it is to use where there is a bulk amount of waste as a 20 yard skip is pretty big for heavy trash management. 

25 Yard Skip

25 Yard Skip is often use in the commercial industry. A lot of heavy waste that cannot be out in other skips can be removed by this. 

30 Yard Skip

For large-scale projects, it is best to use them for their significantly big size. Only one of them is enough most of the time. 

40 Yard Skip

It is the biggest Skip that construction and industrial organizations use. It will help reduce the costs of your work and will carry a considerable amount of waste.


I am more than thankful for the services skip hire Hampshire provided me in such a limited time. The staff was excellent in terms of dealing with its customers and time management. I will recommend it to everyone.
Zem Services is the door to knock when being and handling, providing waste cleanups and trash disposal services. I have been beyond impressed by their professionalism and honesty in what they are doing.
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