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Managing Waste and its proper dispatch can be troublesome. As a good citizen, everyone should ship their scraps and trash to a location that is least destructive to the environment and a site where waste can be recycled. On the other hand, Zem Services Ltd is a company that provides a waste management solution for residential and commercial locations; we deal with all types of rubbish, whether it’s domestic or commercial. All you need to do is give us a call, and We will provide you with a cost-effective solution. Well, If you’ve recently moved to Northamptonshire and don’t know who to call for skip hire, Zem Services Ltd will be a perfect choice.

Skip Hire Northamptonshire Services

Zem Services Ltd offers a wide range of services, from residential to commercial waste collection and disposal. Under one roof, we offer various services ranging from a man with a van to a garbage pickup. We strive to give the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost to our consumers.


Skips are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs and desires of clients. Some clients require tiny skips, while others require midi skips, and some commercial clients require a larger skip that can accommodate all of the rubbish at once. We offer all types of skips to our clients. Moreover, we also manufacture bespoke skips on demand since we’re a reputable company that must maintain its brand standards. In brief, we have everything you need to visit our website to receive the best services and save time and money.


The most outstanding service you can get is a man with a van since you won’t have to worry about anything because our laborer will come to your location, whether it’s your home or workplace, our laborers will carefully pack the trash or waste in the bags, and no debris will be left behind. Moreover, a chief executive will monitor everything at skip hire Ltd, which means that all activities will be supervised. Also, we always try to keep a man’s cost with a vehicle as low as possible, making it the least expensive than our competitors’ services.


Zem Services Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now providing cleaning services, including total trash collection and waste disposal at any location, including your home or workplace. We here intend to transform the space from a mess to a productive workspace in no time. Moreover, our customer care service is so strong hence Customers can contact us if they want to clean up their gardens or backyards. We consider it an honor to serve our customers, and we are easily accessible.

Skip Hire Northamptonshire Sizes

Various skip sizes depend on your requirements. Most skip sizes are unique yet not easily available in the market. The sizes of skips vary from midi to maxi and RORO. This variety of sip sizes are properly available and stored at our warehouses. 

Mini Skip Hire Northamptonshire

The smallest skips we have are mini skips. They’re utilized in domestic dwellings when someone has cleaned their garden or backyard or relocated their home, as well as kitchen garbage or store cleaning- The best option is to hire a little skip. Mini skips can be used to dispose of the debris from small building sites, although they are more commonly used for home purposes because they are less expensive to lease.

Midi Skip Hire Northamptonshire

These skips are more significant than mini skips, yet they are still considered medium-sized because they contain up to 60 garbage bags. These skips are typically utilized when someone has embellished their garden or refurbished a part of their home. If you think a tiny skip is insufficient, a midi skip is a way to go.

Builder Skip Hire Northamptonshire

Our services cater to all types of customers, both domestic and commercial. Domestic customers are covered by Mini and Midi skips, whereas retail customers are protected by Builder skip hires. This Skip is mounted to the back of the truck and then transported to the disposal spot. It is the best alternative for removing and disposing of waste from construction sites, building demolition, and completion.

Maxi Skip Hire Northamptonshire

Commercial clients will benefit from Maxi skip hire. It is specifically built to transport large amounts of industrial waste. We guarantee a high-quality service. Moreover, If you are a retail customer and believe your rubbish production is substantial enough, call the maxi skip hire service for a deficient charge.

RORO Skip Hire Northamptonshire

Zem Services Ltd provides RORO skip renting services to its customers lower than other service providers. RORO Skips are designed to transport larger goods such as concrete and metal that cannot be disposed of in a conventional skip, so if you require one, please visit our website and book one as soon as possible.

Lockable Skip Hire Northamptonshire

Lockable skip hire is becoming increasingly popular in the UK because it provides additional protection, such as choosing someone to access your waste, which is a good thing, and thus, it is also beneficial for the environment.

Skip Hire Northamptonshire Prices

Each Skip is different in size and structure, and the price varies from one Skip to the next. It is up to you to decide the skips you require; you will be charged appropriately.

2 Yard Skip

2 yard Domestic customers might use a skip because they don’t have much waste to dispose of.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 Yard skip is ideal for storing rubbish in a small size, such as in a room.

4 Yard Skip

The 4 Yard Skip is perfect for cleaning up your gardens and backyards.

5 Yard Skip

The Yard 5 Skip bins are mainly suitable for commercial establishments or household junk removal.

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard skip would be a suitable option whether you own a business or want to dispose of domestic waste.

8 Yard Skip

The 8 yard Skip is recommended for small offices who want to get rid of their rubbish.

10 Yard Skip

10 Yard Skip is the solution for practical rubbish disposal from homes to parks.

12 Yard Skip

A 12 yard skip could quickly dispose of the large volume of rubbish generated for business purposes.

14 Yard Skip

If you have a considerable amount of waste and are unsure how to dispose of it, the 14 yard Skip can help.

16 Yard Skip

A 16 yard skip is ideal for managing a large volume of waste because it can contain up to 150 bags.

18 Yard Skip

The Yard skip 18 has great importance. It is basically used to remove large amounts of rubbish easily.

20 Yard Skip

This Skip can handle up to 200 garbage bags, commonly used in enterprises to collect waste.

25 Yard Skip

This 25-yard line is used in construction regions, and a skip is essential to clear rubbish and waste.

30 Yard Skip

A 30 yard skip would indeed be required to gather up waste from an extensive business project.

40 Yard Skip

The largest Skip is a 40 yard skip, which transports heavy items such as concrete and metal pieces.


It was a positive experience because I was unsure which skip I would require to dispose of my waste, so I researched this website and was able to obtain the appropriate Skip and their excellent service.
Williams Jr
I own a tiny factory with little revenue, and I wanted to get rid of the waste. I sought a company that was costing way too affordable for a long time, and I eventually found this website, and I am pretty pleased with their prices.
Martha K John
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