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A fresh and healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in human life. Each one of us intends to secure it to the best level. Skip Hire Edinburgh Services introduces the solution to skip through the trash that can help you to grow healthy. The team provides services by which you can eliminate unhealthy trash and make the environment healthy and fresh. It saves users valuable time that managing the unwanted trash would otherwise waste. At any stage of life, time is a valuable commodity. Our team works efficiently to help you look through the various areas like Edinburgh that are loopholes in the system.


Hiring a skip from Zem Services Ltd® implies you are trusting the most experienced team for a chance to do a job for you. Skip the hire Edinburgh has been performing well over the years to be the best at their job.


Sometimes the most hectic task for someone could be the managing of trash at a house. A house is a place where the waste is unwanted. Our professional routines may leave us no time for it. Skip hire provides a solution for it. You may have heard the most famous quote that says “Time is money” So if you are looking for a service that tells you what to choose and what to skip, you are just at the right place because the experienced team of skip hire will help you to figure it out in seconds. We are operating in the Edinburgh with numerous skip variants.


The area has never been a problem for us; we cover all the nearby regions to make sure nothing remains trashy. So if you want to skip through trash without hiring a skip, a man with a van is there to help you. Besides saving space a skip requires, along with the cost that incurs, Man with a Van service facilitates the clients by collecting the trash from the doorstep. 


Our ultimate motive is to provide a pollution-free area to our customers to live a healthy life with no distress of cleaning the trash. We are ready to give you a healthy environment. Save your precious time in which you can focus on your tasks at work and do something productive, keeping faith in us to eliminate the rubbish and trash as per your requirements from the areas you want. Whether it is your home, official site, or yard cleaning, we can assist you and complete your jobs in a timely and orderly manner.


The best cost-effective method for removing the trash material at your place is hiring a skip from Zem. We introduce a wide range of skip hire so that our customers can get rid of rubbish.


One of the best-suited skips for managing waste resulting from daily household chores is MINI SKIP HIRE because it is small in size, and you can quickly put it anywhere. It is a popular choice for domestic clients to eliminate waste on a small scale.


MIDI SKIP HIRE provides an extraordinary facility because it easily holds 40 to 60 sacks of waste rather than offering limited space. These can carry more waste than mini skips and are often preferred in small renovation works.


Builder skips are often preferred in commercial projects. These skips can carry colossal waste such as cement, bricks, concrete blocks and other such heavy debris. These skips are available in two variants. Builder skips have drop doors to make it easy to slide heavyweight inside the Skip.


Maxi skips are a perfect choice for large household and commercial needs; whether you want to discard heavy furniture or some garden or office clearouts, Maxi skip hire would be the right decision. These are available in five variants from 10 yards to 18 yards.



The excellent alternative to carry out colossal waste material is to select ROLL-ON ROLL-OFF SKIP HIRE. Many people decide whether skip hires are suited for mechanical and industrial levels, so ROLL-ON ROLL-OFF SKIP HIRE is the most reliable way to carry all the trash and waste material in one place.


Lockable skips are becoming popular in the Edinburgh because it authorizes the waste regulation ensuring no unwanted trash is added to your Skip, resulting in penalties as per law. Moreover, these are the best solution to trash being removed without your consent.


Zem Services Ltd® supplies the list of skips in different sizes and prices. Our company is an excellent option to dispose of all of your unwanted trash. Skips are frequently one of the most cost-effective ways to dispose of waste. The price of a skip is defined by its size.

2 Yard Skip

2 yard Skip is the appropriate choice for all of your household cleaning requirements. It has a capacity of 20 to 30 waste bags. You can hire a mini skip for domestic waste removal.

3 Yard Skip

For effective removal of a large volume of household rubbish, hire the best 3 yard skip service. It can accommodate 30 to 40 trash bags. You can hire a 3 yard skip in a reasonable range.

4 Yard Skip

4 yard Skip is adaptable and can be used for a variety of home and business applications. It is more significant than mini skips, so it is a ber for big lawn clean-ups and maintenance tasks.

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard medium skip is the most affordable Skip in all available skips. It has a vast ability to remove waste and trash from domestic jobs, commercial and corporate sites, etc. 

6 Yard Skip

It is an excellent skip for various domestic, commercial, and economic applications that produce moderate volumes of rubbish, such as home improvement projects, office clearance, and garden clearance. It can carry roughly 60 to 70 rubbish bags.

8 Yard Skip

It is the largest builder skip in all available skips, can hold a significant quantity of rubbish, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications. It has immense space to carry 70 to 80 rubbish bags. 

10 Yard Skip

Because of its size, a 10-yard skip is a popular choice for a variety of operations, both commercial and residential. It is the most effective waste removal solution for large amounts of trash.

12 Yard Skip

12 yard Skip is a popular alternative for more significant tasks and commercial sites. It aims to hold the vast and heavy waste of industrial, commercial, and development sites.

14 Yard Skip

A 14 yard skip is an optimal decision if you have a lot of waste to dispose of. It is equally famous both for homegrown and modern use. 14 cubic yard skip is canisters intended to successfully discard the gigantic measure of undesirable trash from your property.

16 Yard Skip

It is selected chiefly to remove business waste, has the proficiency to hold 170 to 180 trash packs. It is the optimal approach for trash disposer management.

18 Yard Skip

It is a big box and has immense space to move waste and trash, useful where a large amount of waste and debris is produced by commercial, business, and building sites. It can hold 190 to 200 junk sacks.

20 Yard Skip

A 20 yard skip is expected on major construction and industrial sites where a substantial amount of rubbish is generated.

25 Yard Skip

25 yard roll-on roll-off skip is the largest Skip. It is efficient to eliminate the extensive waste of construction and commercial work and regular use. It has vast space to hold 230 to 275 waste packs.

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, use a 30 yard skip. 

40 Yard Skip

For industrial and commercial waste removal tasks, a 40 yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is the best option. It mainly used on construction sites to dispose of massive building waste, heavy materials, and bulky goods.


Customer service  appreciated, as well as team members that are willing to work together. I requested a skip for cleaning my yard, and it reached within 4 to 5 hours. The driver was kind and accommodating. The cost of a maxi skip is very fair. I have used this company frequently and will refer others to use your services!!
This is the best stress-free waste removal company I have ever found. I tried many companies, but their service was inferior. Recently I hired a mini skip for office waste removal. The service provider reached on time and collected waste on time. Thank you, guys! I hope you will shine like a star very soon.
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