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Do you require a skip? Anywhere at any time, our company can provide you with skip hires at fair prices. Skip Hire Argyll and Bute makes it simple to track down economic deals on a scope of various skip sizes. Our broad range of skips guarantees that we can provide the ideal skip type for your requirements, setting aside your time and money. We have detailed assistance and guidance to help you with hiring a skip, including details for skip hire costs and sizes, skip permits, and the capacity that each Skip can hold. Our primary objective is to keep the surroundings clean, and our facilities are always available to serve you most effectively. Get your areas clean by contacting us.


We provide many services in Argyll and Bute, such as garbage and bulky furniture removal, etc. Our services are pretty inclusive. We collect waste from all areas of the property and discard it carefully. We have experienced specialists in every cleaning service we offer, and all of our employees are super professionals in waste removal.


Our primary concern is to equip the residents with qualified skip hires. You can hire a skip of any size, with delivery right to your door. Our services are pretty inclusive. Knowing your skip hire needs, we are constantly increasing the skip variants to get the most suitable one according to your needs; we have skips ranging from 2 yard to 40 yards. Cleaning any property or home is a big-time taking and tiring task if you do it by yourself. Think of a solution that Zem is bringing to the table.


We are working across the Argyll and Bute to fulfill trash removal requirements. With man and van service, we go the extra mile to treat our valuable customers. Man with a Van service being very affordable cuts the skip hire price and are popular among the household clients. After events and gatherings, it is convenient to dispose of the trash immediately and save the place that a skip usually takes. The man-with-a-van service offered at Zem Services Limited includes picking up the garbage from your property to take it to dump spots.


Rubbish Removal is one of the services offered by Zem Services Ltd®. You can avail of our trash elimination service for household trash removal, garden waste elimination, or any kind of rubbish removal. Make your environment clean, fresh, and healthy by quick waste removals. Renovations, factory, house cleaning, furniture elimination, hard waste removal, and garden cleaning are the projects in which you can benefit from our trash removal service.

The main aim of our company is to provide the Argyll and Bute with immediate services to ensure the pure habitat. We serve both the residential and industrial areas.


Zem Services Ltd has a vast collection of varied sizes of Skip Hire. Put your requirement, and we will send you the perfect size of skip hire for your home or business purposes. You can choose any size as our Skip Hire ranges from small to very large, which ultimately holds all your waste in a place. Our quality services are just within your budget, and you can easily afford them.

Skip Hire Argyll and Bute provides a range of sizes. So now you can hire skip according to your type of waste, as per your requirements. Read the specifications each Skip offers. It would be helpful to choose the right fit for your needs.


This is a small skip hire among all, and this is best for your home place where you have to deal with a little bit of garbage. We are a well-known waste management company that provides an easy way to hire a mini skip.


If you want to load a tremendous amount of waste, you can choose MIDI SKIP HIRE because it can cater to a significant amount of trash. Estimating around 4-5 cubic yards in volume, our midi skips are great for homegrown activities that will produce more waste than anticipated. They can generally hold about 35-45 garbage sacks.


The next size up in our collection of skips is the builders skip. These utilize 6-8 cubic yards and are the most famous Skips we offer at Zem. These are great for medium to substantial scope projects and, in contrast to huge skips, are ideal for discarding heavy materials or rubble. If you’re dealing with a significant home or business redesign, builders skip will be the perfect decision for you!


Our maxi skips are fundamental for massive building constructions or nursery remodelings. Moreover, on the off chance that you may need to dispose of a ton of bulky things, similar to furniture, then, at that point, hire our maxi skips.


Roll-on Roll-off skips are accessible in a collection of fluctuating sizes to fulfill your necessities. Fluctuating from 20 to 40 yards, the RoRo skip can hold roughly 440 waste packs. And are considered the best Skip to utilize the ponderous and dense commercial trash such as building materials.


These skips reduce the Possibility of Theft, and Lockable skips additionally shield garbage from stealing. Limiting All Waste Inside the Skip, These skip canisters guarantee that no waste will get away and keep everything inside until the person who hires grants access to the Skip.


Zem Services Ltd® delivers the service to hire the Skip at any time. You can hire skips according to your type of waste—the price changes according to the size of skips. The size of the Skip determines the cost.

2 Yard Skip

The 2 yard mini Skip is the smallest. Because of its size, it can’t convey a considerable amount of waste and garbage. It perfectly fits into any small space area, such as a lavatory or lawn for waste cleaning.

3 Yard Skip

3 yard Mini skips are inexpensive and easily accessible. It is productive for removing garbage in remote locations such as houses, lawns, and other spots. You can choose the most attractive option based on your budget.

4 Yard Skip

It is a medium-sized skip with a reasonable price tag. Anyone may readily hire this Skip. It offers a greater capacity for removing garbage from modernisation projects in homes, businesses, and retail establishments.

5 Yard Skip

The best budget skip is a 5 yard skip. It can accommodate 50 to 60 trash bags. It’s used to clear up trash, waste, home improvements, and small-scale economic projects.

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard builder skip is a big skip. Because of its size, this Skip is a favourite choice among developers. It supports eliminating and removing construction sites muck, homes redesign or renovation waste, large lawns, and corporate scales debris.

8 Yard Skip

A typical shield skip for heavy construction and industrial garbage is the 8-yard builder skip. For waste removal at house renovation, construction, and private enterprise sites, an 8 yard builder will have to be your finest companion.

10 Yard Skip

10 yard maxi skip is a nominal rate skip to hire. In large projects, it is the ideal leap to deploy. It is completely trustworthy and has a sizable waste-transporting potential.

12 Yard Skip

It is beneficial in adjusting the enormous waste of items within it. It is the optimal Skip for storing an immense level of economic and improper disposal.

14 Yard Skip

For a lot of sludge and garbage, a 14 yard skip will be plenty. It is convenient to transport bulky and substantial materials.

16 Yard Skip

It is primarily used for commercial trash,  can contain 160 to 170 bags of debris and garbage from businesses and workplaces. It is easy to use in Argyll and Bute.

18 Yard Skip

It can move a variety of construction and significant objects of muck or rubbish in the region. Its price is reasonable, and you may put it at any place.

20 Yard Skip

20 yard roll-on roll-off skips make it simple to dispose of a considerable amount of heavy and toxic materials generated by prominent industrial or commercial projects. 

25 Yard Skip

The most fundamental Skip delivers around 275 buckets of rubbish and disposes of it expertly. It’s pretty astounding, and it’s frequently used in industrial settings.

30 Yard Skip

A 30 yard skip is a substantial size. This Skip can be hired to manage trash and muck from building construction sites and organizations. It is a very affordable skip to hire.

40 Yard Skip

It removes the most garbage in private and commercial areas, reasonably priced and so budget-friendly. It can adjust the massive volume of trash inside it.


Thanks a lot for introducing your valuable product to our society. It is much needed in our renovation assignment.
10/10 service rating. It is the best hassle-free waste removal company. The process of skip hire is easy and efficient. Thank you, I will use it again!!!
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