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Whether you are residing alone or with your family, managing waste is always a hassle. Zem Services Ltd evolves to eliminate all such worries related to waste management. Skip Hire Bedfordshire provides extensive skip rental service throughout Bedfordshire, both for households and commercial projects. Recognized as one of the best waste management firms all over the UK, Zem provides services of various sizes of skip hire based on your requirement. At the same time, our top-notch service facility is reasonable and can be afforded by all. For further details regarding our services, you can visit our website. We strive towards the total satisfaction of our customers.


We have our visions and mission based on keeping the environment clean. Waste gets dumped each day from houses, factories, and industries. We are here to make sure waste is managed, collected, and recycled. On placing an order, you will receive your skip hire directly delivered to your place without any delay. Zem is incredibly proud to provide 100% satisfaction to all his customers.


We are experts in waste management. Besides providing the most suitable skip hire, we also assign helpers for each of our clients to assist in the process. Our helper will reach your place within the same day of your skip hire order. The helper will ensure that the skip hire is placed correctly and will also assist you in cleaning your property to your demands. Zem Services Ltd provides you with a different range of skip hire services. Our skip sizes range from the 2-yard skip to the 40-yard skip. Check the skip hire sizes available on our website now, and drop your requirements. We will get to your site at the earliest.


Our ‘Man with a Van’ service has been appreciated throughout the UK. Skip hire in Bedfordshire along with a professional assistant is rare to find. If you are worried about tackling a lot of waste, don’t worry anymore! Our experts will make the process easier for you. Check out our excellent rates for ‘Man with a Van’ services in Bedfordshire. You can also call or write to us for more information.


At Zem, we are determined not to let any stone unturned to keep society clean. We assure you full guarantee of our service from the beginning to the end of the project. Besides, skip hire rental service, you are assigned a helper. This worker will help you in the process of waste cleaning, but we will make sure we collect all your wastes. We accomplish projects like kitchen renovation, garden clean-up, business parties, construction projects, and more in the best possible way.


Zem Services Ltd has all services for waste management. Visit our website, check out the skip hire size, place an order and receive it the same day. We provide our daily services to hundreds of people in Bedfordshire. Zem will ensure your project’s most suitable skip hire size if you are confused with the size and variety available. We have different sizes ranging from Mini to RORO (the biggest) for our customers. 


These skip bins are small yet mighty. They are mainly used for household projects as it comes with less space. On the other hand, having a mini skip hire will not require much space. In addition to being space friendly, these skip bins can be more efficiently than large ones. Whether it be your house party, consecutive kitchen waste management or garden clean-up, mini skip bins are a perfect choice. You can check fantastic rates of mini skip hire in Bedfordshire on our website.


Midi skip bins are the most preferred ones for both householder and small business projects. They have more space than mini skip bins, yet space friendly. A Midi skip bin can carry up to 40 to 60 trash bags. These skips come in two different sizes; 4-yard skip and 5 yard skip. Midi skips are perfect for moderate amounts of domestic waste and garden cleanups.


Builder skip is an average size that caters to more or less all domestic projects. This size  is the initial size  for commercial projects. Mostly visible at construction sites, builder skip bins have enough space to carry liquid up to 5000 liters and rubbish bin bags up to 60-75; suitable for small commercial projects. 


Maxi denotes huge! Mainly used for commercial purposes, they can carry heavy trash objects. Industries and big construction projects prefer using the Maxi skip bin. Also, this is a reasonable option. These skips are commonly for full home refurbishments, and large garden clean ups waste disposal tasks. 


If you are part of a big project like multi-sectional industries or the construction of a multiplex, you must have seen RORO skips. The biggest of all, RORO skip hires in Bedfordshire used for massive commercial projects. This will enable you to tackle quintals of commercial waste each day. We also make sure that we collect the garbage when the garbage is full and process it for recycling. 


As the name implies, these skip bins come along with a lock system, ensuring that the waste is prevented from unauthorized access. The sight of skip bins filled with trash is indeed a disturbing site. Besides, these skip bins are used to secure the garbage from theft. Also, some waste might be harmful if kept uncovered. For such instances, lockable skip hire stands perfect.


Zem makes sure that you are getting our skip hire services at the lowest possible prices. We have sizes that fit every particular requirement. If your location is at Bedfordshire and you are looking for skip hire services, you can check on our website designed for your convenience, and if you have any queries regarding our skip sizes, we are most welcome to help you with that.

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skips are precisely  for household purposes. They can cater to daily waste removal or small domestic projects.  

3 Yard Skip

Homes, Offices, bathroom clean-up, the kitchen requires cleanliness, and hence these small yard skips are of great help. It is also affordable for all. 

4 Yard Skip

House or small business parties, kitchen renovation, and such projects require four-yard skip bins. 

5 Yard Skip

These are Midi skips and can carry up to 30 to 40 sacks of trash.

6 Yard Skip

You can use this size to tackle a medium amount of waste. If you are planning for bathroom remodeling, choose this skip size.  

8 Yard Skip

Mostly preferable and cost-effective,  utilised in modern and homegrown garbage lifters. 

10 Yard Skip

It is the initial size of the Maxi skip. For new ventures or start-ups, this skip hire can hold a medium level of garbage.

12 Yard Skip

This size skip yard caters to small commercial projects and can handle a handsome amount of waste.

14 Yard Skip

This size is good to go for tackling heavy trash objects at the site and is extremely useful in commercial projects.

16 Yard Skip

Often used as a perfect waste management tool for storing harmful or injurious garbage materials.

18 Yard Skip

It can take up to 170 bags of trash. Mostly found at construction sites and are to collect heavy materials.

20 Yard Skip

Wastes that may be harmful and dangerous are to keep in this skip hire. These skips have colossal space.

25 Yard Skip

25 yard skip hire bin can accommodate around 275 bags of trash.

30 Yard Skip

Particularly used for business purposes and to tackle industrial waste, it can carry 300+ packs of trash and is an economical option.

40 Yard Skip

This is a budget-friendly option for big commercial projects. It mainly seen outside industry sites.


Extremely pleased with the services provided by Zem Services Ltd. Highly recommendable. They are too good at their services. Great going, guys!
If you are in Bedfordshire and still haven’t found any good waste management source, I recommend Zem Services Ltd.
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