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If you are looking for a skip to hire facility available in your area in Devon, Skip Hire Devon is here for you with the best deals in town. We provide the best quality skips in different shapes and sizes for multiple purposes, ranging from household usage to gardening waste disposal to small and large commercial and industrial projects. Zem service Ltd is a licensed company with millions of happy clients from all across the UK. We are more than delighted to serve clients from multiple industries in Devon and provide them with the best facilities in town at reasonable prices.


We fulfil all your skip hire needs in Devon under Zem Services Limited – from skip hire facility itself to man-with-a-van service, along with trash pickup and removal services. We believe in providing 360-degree solutions to our clients with integrity and quality.


Our skip hire service includes offering the best quality skips for all kinds of properties, whether your house, office, restaurant, construction site, and décor or renovation project. At Zem Services Limited, we have what you are looking for: trash disposal needs of all sorts. We specialize in providing high-quality skips of all sizes and dimensions, suitable for your specific needs. Our objective is client satisfaction, which is why we do everything we can to help you select the skips you need for your property within your budget range.


Our “man with a van” service entails the availability of waste pickup vans with drivers trained in carefully handling scrap of all sorts and carefully disposing it of. Our representatives will help you in moving the bulky items during house shifting. They are available and at your service on call at your door whenever you need them. We have a fleet of such junk pickup vans available with trained professionals who know how to care for your debris disposal needs, no matter what kind of waste it is. We make sure that once completed, our team will leave your site mess-free.


Now you do not need to worry about cleaning up the trash at your property. Zem Services Limited offers you a complete range of facilities to pick up the trash from your property and clean it up thoroughly. If you can not clean the waste from your property, you can contact Zem Services Limited to do it for you. We are here at your service whenever you need us to eliminate any waste from your property. It can be household waste, gardening waste material, restaurant wastage, or re-decor and construction waste.


At Zem Services Limited in Devon, we have a wide variety of skips available in different sizes for different purposes. You can pick the most suited Skip for you and your property. We ensure that you get the best size most appropriate for you and your project. 


Mini skips are the smallest skips available to hire at Zem Services Limited in Devon. You can use this to get rid of your daily household trash or for your daily usage to get rid of trash on a day-to-day basis. Mini skips are also ideal for small garden waste.


Midi skips are slightly bigger than mini skips and can hold slightly more rubbish than mini skips. They are ideal for storing more trash daily; if your waste disposal needs are more than usual, or if the members of your household are more, then you can choose it.


Builder skips are bigger than midi skips and can easily carry household trash and gardening waste. You can use these to pick up multiple kinds of waste, like household trash, restaurant waste, office trash, etc. You can easily find these on our website.


Maxi skips are best suited for your commercial projects and small construction projects and sites. You can use maxi skips for getting rid of construction waste material and re-decor or reconstruction waste material. These are best suited for your small commercial site or office space, with more waste disposal needs on a day-to-day basis.


RORO (also known as Roll on Roll off) is more flexible and has more capacity for scrap cleanups and pickups than any other skips. These skips are mostly used in construction sites. It comes in different structures and sizes and can be used for more than one purpose and in more than one place.


Lockable skip hires are precisely what the name suggests – skips that you can lock for your convenience to avoid exposure or theft. These are also great for preventing unauthorized access. These skips come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose them according to your waste quantity.


At Zem Services Limited, you can trust us to meet your budget range and provide you with the best deals at the best prices available in Devon. Our prices are such that you can quickly get your most suitable Skip hire at the price you expect.

2 Yard Skip

Two yard skips are the smallest skips available for hire at £150. You can use these to pick up small amounts of waste.

3 Yard Skip

Three yard skips are used for debris that is generated from kitchen and bathroom renovations.

4 Yard Skip

Our 4 yard skips are preferable for small garden cleanups or small renovation tasks.

5 Yard Skip

Five yard skips are the best solution for those customers who want skip size with more capacity rather than hire a builder.

6 Yard Skip

Six yard skips are suitable for getting rid of small amounts of construction waste.

8 Yard Skip

Eight yard skips are better for clearing up commercial waste, large garden waste, and large house generated waste.

10 Yard Skip

Ten yard skips are suited for picking up hefty volumes of trash and significant projects.

12 Yard Skip

Twelve yard skips are ideal for picking up dirt piles. It is suitable for commercial and industrial projects. It has the capacity of holding bulky items.

14 Yard Skip

The fourteen yard Skip is suitable for holding considerable amounts of trash generated from commercial and domestic sites.

16 Yard Skip

Sixteen yard Skip is an excellent solution for getting rid of much waste and is suitable for picking up heavy materials and bulky items.

18 Yard Skip

Eighteen-yard Skip is suitable for commercial and industrial projects. It can carry bulky items efficiently.

20 Yard Skip

Our Twenty-yard Skip is suitable for large industrial and construction projects, which generates a massive amount of debris.

25 Yard Skip

Twenty five-yard Skip comes with enough space for handling large and heavy waste produced from construction and large building sites.

30 Yard Skip

The 30-yard skip is best suited for getting rid of sizable industrial waste, large-garden cleaning and home renovation waste.

40 Yard Skip

40-yard Skip is the biggest Skip available. These skips are enormous and can be used in many cities or industrial-sized waste removal.


Their Skip hires comparison tool was so easy and convenient to use. I quickly found the Skip I was looking for in my area in Devon.
I have availed all their services, and I am confident in Zem Services Limited for providing the best service in town.
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