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If you intend to clean up or regain space by getting rid of some belongings, you must be prepared for the resulting chaos. But luckily, Zem Services Ltd has brought a solution to cater to all your trash collection and regulation issues. Skip hire Dumfries And Galloway provides one of the finest skip hire services across the town just when needed.  We provide professional, efficient, and legally compliant waste services to manage and dispose of waste at both commercial and domestic levels. Contact us in case of any assistance; our customer support is eager to assist you.


Your faith in our company will take you to the only ultimate waste management solution. In addition, to skip hire, consolidated cleaning and rubbish removal are also included in our services. Our Man with a van service brings the most convenient services to you right at your door. We enjoy taking great care and responsibility in our work. 


To effectively and effortlessly manage the waste, hiring a skip is always a good idea. Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway has a large number of skips available for hire; whether for a home or a business, you can get the most suitable Skip that can carry your desired waste quantity. Instead of lugging all of your bulky waste to the landfill and sorting it yourself, our professional trash hauliers will deliver your Skip at a convenient time. After it gets filled, it will be collected. It is less expensive to hire a skip than to eliminate trash on one’s own. 


Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution? Our Man with a Van service is here to serve the purpose at an affordable rate. We have professionals to deal with waste regulation. A man with a van offers premium services. Our team will collect the waste at your place, ensuring no hassle is left for you to deal with. At the same time, it can save the space that skip usually takes. You can call us to schedule an appointment.  


This service may be a reasonable choice if you don’t have enough room or cannot move rubbish yourself. The service is typically less expensive than renting a skip because you only pay for the waste that we collect. This allows you to remove hazardous items such as refrigerators, freezers, and Tyres that cannot be stored in a skip. Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway can assist you with any cleaning needs you may have, whether it is for your home or office. We provide collection for a variety of waste, including both landscaping and mechanical waste. 

Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway Sizes

Zem Services Ltd’s Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway is precisely what you need to fulfil your personal and professional demands. There are various sizes of Skip hires according to varying needs. The size matters how much load and hassle it will bear. 

Mini Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

The mini skip hire is responsible for providing limited services. It works at a low scale offering the smallest skip hires. Mini skip hire used for home, kitchen, school and any other small area services. It covers a small space and is easy to move.

Midi Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

Midi Skip hires are mid-ranged skips. These skips are providing you with their best cleaning services at your place. This is primarily useful when you are planning to clean your lawn, garden or junk cleaned from such prominent sites. These are the best choice for hiring a skip to cover a large area. It can carry most of the scrap in it.   

Builder Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

Builder Skip Hire is a popular choice for both individual and business customers. They’re a fantastic option if you’re moving or remodeling your entire home. Builder Skip is required to clear the capacity on company scales, construction sites, and retailers where the volume of waste is more significant. 

Maxi Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

Maxi skip is the largest Skip which is ideal for large house cleanups or commercial areas. This Skip is available for you to get rid of a considerable amount of trash. This skip service is available at extensive scale cleaning. We are providing you with this service around Dumfries And Galloway. 

RORO Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

Zem Services Ltd’s roll-on, roll-off Skip Hire service is incredibly cost-effective. Roll-on roll-off Skips have a natural predisposition for transporting large and powerful goods. The roll-on, roll-off Skip rental is an excellent option for large mechanical sites and rubbish removal. 

Lockable Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway

Trash security is essential in some situations, and lockable skips come to the rescue in such cases. The main advantage of lockable skips is that they prevent scrap theft and keep your trash secure, preventing anyone from accessing or misusing it. This Skip is for those clients that want to limit access to their skips.

Skip Hire Dumfries And Galloway Prices

Zem Services Ltd® is a well-known regulated trash collection service. We offer the most outstanding services at a reasonable price to our clients. We provide low-cost services that are supplied quickly. The sizes and types of skips we offer are listed below. 

2 Yard Skip

It is excellent for low volume waste and is very popular for garden clearances in the autumn.

3 Yard Skip

It is for small renovation projects such as bathroom refurbishments or demolishing garden stonework.  

4 Yard Skip

It is the ideal small skip hire for renovation projects and smaller house clearances.  

5 Yard Skip

5 yard  Skip is for  dispose of any household or industrial waste. 

6 Yard Skip

It will be helpful in domestic, industrial and commercial usage.   

8 Yard Skip

It used in a large area in a larger-scale property.  

10 Yard Skip

It is  to carry bulky items. It is a skip suitable for significant projects.   

12 Yard Skip

It is for carrying a heavy load and is suitable for commercial and industrial use.    

14 Yard Skip

For medium to large-scale jobs like attic cleanouts, office renovations, and more, 14-yard skips are a popular choice. 

16 Yard Skip

Our 16 yard skips are great if you have a lot of trash to get rid of. 

18 Yard Skip

The 18 yard Skip is the largest maxi skip. It can carry tremendous amounts of heavy waste. 

20 Yard Skip

A 20 yard skip can carry 200 black bin bags of rubbish at most. 

25 Yard Skip

They have enough area to dispose of a considerable amount of rubbish and can also dispose of heavy and bulky waste. 

30 Yard Skip

A 30 yard skip can hold the equivalent of 300 black bin bags of trash. 

40 Yard Skip

The largest Skip offered is the 40 yard Skip. These skips are ideal for undertakings that generate a large amount of rubbish.


Skip arrived on time and was placed on my driveway with care and consideration on wooden planks to avoid damage—a stress-free experience. The driver was polite and friendly—a beneficial replacement for Skip.
The services are pretty dependable. From bookings to rubbish disposal, the entire process was meticulous. The prices are incredibly reasonable, and anyone who wants to dispose of rubbish from their homes or clean up any place can do so.
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