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Make your life easier with Skip Hire service in East Renfrewshire. Skip Hire East Renfrewshire ensures that all skip hire services are circulated throughout the United Kingdom at a very reasonable price. Zem Skip Hire East Renfrewshire’s main motive is to serve people by cleaning their residences and managing domestic or industrial level waste. Our Company deals with all kinds of trash, and we offer skips ranging from 2 yard to 40 yard.  We work with our expertise and deliver highly efficient results. We constantly make sure our clients are satisfied with our work, and that’s what motivates us. You can find it available for you 24/7. Hence, you don’t need to worry about time.


Our company provides you with all the waste management efficient services you need. Zem Services Ltd is here to solve all your cleaning problems at a low cost. We are proud of ourselves, and we can call ourselves trustworthy, so make your mind and take our services. Let’s take a look at the services.


The Skip Hire service in East Renfrewshire is always available for you. Whether you’re hiring Skip for your homes or your business, Zem Services Ltd ensures you get the best results possible. The most significant advantage of hiring Skip is that it holds your waste generated from your renovations-related tasks. We offer you various sizes of skips according to your requirements. So do not look further to find skip hire. You can take the benefits for Skip renting from our company, including time-saving, high-quality work, and cheap yet effective results. Wherever you are in East Renfrewshire, our service is available to you at all times.


From Zem Services Ltd, you will get many benefits of hiring a man with a van. It not only deals with disposing of waste but also includes other services. The other services include a driver and moving the items from your home. So if you are having difficulty moving household goods, hire a man with a van from Zem Services Ltd. There are plenty of other benefits as well, such as moving items carefully and safely. Besides, we provide you “man with a van” service at highly affordable prices in East Renfrewshire.


Trash elimination is about keeping the climate safe and secure from pollution. If you want to clean your house or workplace, you can take our trash elimination service to get rid of all the trash, and that’s not all. It is also used to dispose of unnecessary household items and construction leftovers. It doesn’t matter if it’s cleaning, trash cleaning, home renovations, gardening or dustbin removal; Fortunately, Zem Services Ltd provides you with efficient and reliable services in East Renfrewshire.


We provide services according to your chosen size because different sizes are available for other waste-related services. The good thing is that you can get it anywhere in East Renfrewshire. All sizes are available on our website with the complete details. Let’s explore skip hire sizes:


Mini Skip is a small skip offer from Zem Services Ltd across the United Kingdom. It works effectively to clean small amounts of waste. This includes small DIY projects, garden cleaning and home renovation. Mini Skip consists of two skips: 2 yard Skip and 3 yard skip. There are many benefits of renting a mini skip, e.g. removing the waste at your ease, cost-effective and time-saving.


Midi skip is a little bigger than mini Skip. It usually carries 45-55 trash bags and can handle a vast amount of waste very quickly and efficiently. It is much more beneficial for small garden cleanups, and It is suitable for bathroom and kitchen renovation. 


Builder skip hire is a popular skip hire because it can handle a vast amount of waste, usually construction waste. You can even add your household items in this Skip, such as furniture and tiles; if you are shifting your house or updating your home, hiring a builder is better. It can usually carry 60-110 trash bins bags.


Dealing with large-scale and heavy waste is a work of maxi skip hire. It is efficient for large domestic projects. It removes large garden and household waste very quickly and effectively. Are you reconstructing, renovating or landscaping? Therefore, you can go with the Maxi skip hire; it will handle your trash efficiently.


Construction sites require a significant skip hire to dispose of the waste, so roll-on roll-off skip hire works best. It can handle or move large and heavy items. So if you are struggling with gigantic industrial waste management and trash disposal, you need to hire a RORO to carry out your work easily.


This skip hire’s primary purpose is to limit the waste from being stolen and protect it from unauthorized access. You can use this Skip for more than one task. It retains debris out of sight and all rubbish inside the Skip. Lockable skips are available in different appearances and sizes, depending on your terms.


Zem Services Ltd provides the best skip hire facilities at a cheap rate for your convenience. Whether you need to handle the room renovation or a complete home renovation waste, we have all sizes to suit your needs.

2 Yard Skip

2 Yard skip is for smaller clear-out jobs. Beneficial for domestic work and small garden waste

3 Yard Skip

3 Yard skip can handle waste from bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens. It holds about 30-40 waste bags. 

4 Yard Skip

The 4 yard Skip is also called midi skip hire. This Skip is a well affordable skip when it comes to domestic jobs. It contains about 45 black bin bags. 

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard skip is large enough to handle domestic jobs for cleaning. It’s also ideal for commercial works. 

6 Yard Skip

When it comes to residential use or business, the 6 Yard skip works best. It can hold about 70 trash bags.

8 Yard Skip

The 8 Yard skip is suitable for the waste which is produced from commercial and building sites.

10 Yard Skip

A 10 yards skip handles massive waste and can hold about 100-110 debris bags. It is beneficial for construction projects and industrial waste jobs. 

12 Yard Skip

A 12 yard skip is an ideal skip to handle a considerable amount of waste. It holds about 120 to 130 leftover bags. This Skip is popular as well as cost-effective. 

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard skip can dispose of a ton of trash. This Skip is excellent for handling large amounts of commercial or domestic jobs waste.

16 Yard Skip

16 Yard skips are well popular on commercial sites as well as industrial sites. It is perfect for business waste. It can hold about 180 trash bags. If you have plenty of trash, go for it.

18 Yard Skip

It is known as Roll-in roll-off Skip. Capable of holding 190-200 black bin bags. It is perfect for complete house renovations, including bathroom, kitchen and rooms waste etc.

20 Yard Skip

20 Yard skip holds a maximum of 220-230 trash bags. It’s popular in large commercial and industrial sites where large-scale waste is generated.

25 Yard Skip

It is the most beneficial in business and regular use and covers industrial operations as well. It holds about 275 trash bags and cleans out the vast area very quickly and carefully. 

30 Yard Skip

For more than 300-310 black bin bags, a 30 yard skip is ideal. It is suitable for commercial settings and industry as well.

40 Yard Skip

The most incredible Skip is the 40 Yard skip and can accommodate both modest and more extensive materials. These are mainly used for industrial-sized waste.


I found the Skip I was looking for at my home at none other than Zem Services Limited in East Renfrewshire. They are doing a great job, and I would highly recommend them.
I look forward to avail of their services again in the future due to their excellent procedure and process in helping their clients. Go to Zem Services Limited for all your skip hire and trash removal services.
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