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Zem has the solution for all your trash regulation issues right to your home. Our company esteem the uniqueness of our clients and acknowledge how everybody’s necessities are unique. We present to you a total size scope of skips to be helpful in varying needs. We focus on the time and security of our clients, keeping in view the monetary benefits. Skip Hire Essex is devoted to giving you the best skip hire bundles. We take pride in providing full-fledged services to our loyal clients from all sectors and industries in Essex. We have catered to many clients at the same time, ensuring the best services in town.


Skip hire in Essex offers a complete solution of waste management under one roof. We provide skips for Hire at your doorstep, as well as provide our exclusive man-with-a-van service and trash removal facility at nominal rates in Essex.


Zem Services Limited in Essex offers a wide variety of skips for Hire in all sizes and dimensions with the best quality for holding different kinds of rubbish. We have the best deals in town in terms of skip hire services. Regardless of the category, we serve efficiently in both domestic and commercial locales. Check out the skip types, and then after accessing your discarding needs, you can select the most appropriate skip to dump all your waste in no time.


Our man-with-a-van service offers a fleet of professionals with vans trained in efficiently handling and disposing of all kinds of waste, from household waste to commercial and industrial spillage. This is the most cost-effective solution to eliminate trash. Also, it is quicker and space saver because waste after cleaning is immediately collected, exempting the need to keep a skip.


Our trash removal service at Zem Services Limited in Essex includes the facility of picking up the scrap piles from your property. So now, you do not even need to clean up any waste spillage or dirt piles because we are here to do that for you. Call us to schedule a trash removal task.


Skips are available at Zem Services Limited and range from most minor to largest size, capable of handling all sorts of rubbish from small household properties to the most significant commercial and industrial projects. We have different-sized skips available for different purposes, from day-to-day debris from households, restaurants, and offices to handling construction rubble and repairing work leftovers. We have various sizes suitable for other tasks, so it is easier for you to pick and choose whatever size you require.


Mini skips are the tiniest skips available for Hire at Zem Services Limited in Essex. They can handle small amounts of daily household debris and are effective for small places because of less space utilization.


Midi skips are bigger than mini skips and contain slightly more significant amounts of waste than mini skips. You can use the mini skips for dumping gardening waste material and your daily household scrap if it is in slightly more quantity.


Builder skips are used in small construction sites to handle construction waste like renovations and building projects. You can also use it to get rid of your restaurant and office waste, these are available in two sizes with the maximum size of 8-yards, this is quite famous among the builders in Essex.


Maxi skips are more extensive and are capable of handling more waste material than builder skips. You can use maxi skips in your commercial projects to discard heavy trash such as concrete, iron wires, blocks of bricks etc. You can get the maxi skips in five different sizes to hire the accurate size to comply with your discarding needs.


RoRo skips are commonly utilized on business and modern premises that intrinsically produce vast volumes of waste, including development, construction, and demolitions. Zem offers four sizes in RORO skips. RoRo’s are great for long-haul squander necessities and the removal of lightweight and cumbersome materials. 


For populated areas, keeping your skip out of sight is a complicated task. It increases the risk of fly-tipping, and in case of violating dumping rules, the addition of prohibited items by others could lead you to pay the penalties. To avoid unwanted access and additions to your skips, you can use our lockable skips, which guarantee to block unwanted access.


Get the best deals in town in terms of skip hire in your area in Essex at our highly economical prices suitable for all sectors of all industries. You can also compare the prices of skips with our free comparison tool to make your search easier.

2 Yard Skip

The 2-yard mini skip is sufficient to dispose of up to 25 trash bags and is widely used for domestic waste management.

3 Yard Skip

It is an ideal size for discarding both the nursery and your home waste. These skips are incredibly renowned for their tiny size.

4 Yard Skip

The 4-yard midi skip is enough to deal with moderate waste quantity and better for gardening waste cleanups.

5 Yard Skip

Get a 5-yard midi skip to get rid of piles of junk from your homes and offices. 

6 Yard Skip

A 6-yard skip can stamp out all construction rubble from your construction site, whether commercial or residential. 

8 Yard Skip

Use the 8-yard skip to dispose of any restaurant junk and scrap. It has an excellent capacity to hold trash. 

10 Yard Skip

A 10-yard skip is to tackle office clearouts and to discard heavy items.

12 Yard Skip

You can get yourself a 12-yard skip if you have commercial construction work at your site or deal with trash resulting from home renovations.

14 Yard Skip

Get a 14-yard skip for industrial usage and for getting rid of large amounts of industrial waste. 

16 Yard Skip

The 16-yard maxi skip can be utilized to discard unwanted furniture, carpets, and other domestic and commercial wastes in large quantities.

18 Yard Skip

Get your hands on an 18-yard skip in case you want to get rid of heavy amounts of leftovers.

20 Yard Skip

You can discard unmanageable waste by the smallest RoRo skip we offer in Essex.

25 Yard Skip

For your more enormous construction needs and large-scale industrial projects, a 25-yard skip is your best option.

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, consider a 30-yard skip.

40 Yard Skip

Hire a 40 yard, largest skip across Essex for the most extensive construction and commercial projects.


Count on Zem Services Limited for all your waste elimination needs and the best services in the town of Essex. I had the best experience working with them.
Zem Services Limited has the broadest range of facilities and services for scrap clean-up and pick-up facilities. They provided me with the best services I could get.
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