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Handling waste is always an issue, whether you are living alone or with your family. Skip Hire Greater London is ready to address all such problems related to waste handling. We provide excellent skip hire services for domestic and commercial projects throughout Greater London. Recognized as one of the best waste management firms in the United Kingdom, Zem Services Ltd offers a wide range of skip hire services to meet your needs. At the same time, the convenience of our current services is reasonable and affordable for everyone. For more details about our services, you can visit our website. We are proud to provide the best services to our customers.


Trash is dumped every day from factories, houses, and industries. We are here to ensure that waste is managed efficiently. Upon ordering, you will have your skip rental delivered directly to your location without any delay. Zem Services Ltd is incredibly proud to provide 100% satisfaction to all its customers.


We offer you skip hire in various sizes so that you can easily choose the skip hire according to your need, whether it is for your business or your family. In addition to providing the most suitable skip hire, we also assign assistants to each of our clients to assist in your waste handling process. Our helper will deliver your Skip to your location within the same day of your skip hire order. The helper will ensure that the Skip is appropriately placed and help you clean your property according to your demands. Zem Services provide skip sizes ranging from 2 yards to 40 yards. Check it on our website, and leave your requirements. We will get to your site as soon as possible.


Our ‘Man with a Van’ service is appreciated throughout the UK. Skip hire in Greater London, along with the professional helper, is rare. If you are troubled about dealing with a lot of waste, don’t worry anymore. Zem experts will do this for you with great responsibility. check out our best rates of “Man with a van” service on our website. Our low prices with the benefits of highly professional experts and excellent transportation service will bring a smile to your face with extreme satisfaction.


Zem Services Ltd’s priority is to collect all the waste from your places and make the environment clean. We provide all kinds of cleaning services, be it your home or office. Whether mechanical trash, garden construction, or industrial waste, we provide all kinds of facilities for waste management. Our workers will help you with the waste disposal services, and we will ensure they collect all your scrap material.


Zem Services Ltd® provides skips for hire of all sizes to meet your personal and professional needs. Different sizes are available for skip hire to meet all your disposable waste demands or environment cleanliness requirements as we provide affordable prices with standard products and services.


Mini Skip is used on a small scale. It is the smallest Skip of all. Mini Skip is the best option for small-scale cleanings in the house and office like washroom and kitchen cleaning and remodelling and all other types of mini construction projects. 


For the considerable amount of trash, the midi skip hire can be the best option. You can put 45 to 55 bags of debris, and it can hold a considerable amount of waste. Midi skip hire will be an excellent choice for cleaning up your yard or for any home improvement.


Builder skip hire is a bridge between the commercial and residential customer levels. Like for moving or redecorating your entire house, builder skip hire is the best option. Builder skip is use for cleaning the storage on business sites, construction sites, building sites, and stores where the amount of waste is more significant.


Maxi skips are more significant than usual skips and can handle more wastage material compared to mini and midi skips. You can use maxi skips in your commercial projects, which might leave vast chunks of waste material in its wake. A maxi skip is used to hold large amounts of commercial and industrial waste because its enormous size can handle a significant amount of trash. We are providing maxi skip hire in GREATER LONDON at very affordable prices and delivery service. It is well known commercially because of its great size. 


Roll-on and roll-off skip hires are used for giant waste removal and for the transportation of large and heavy objects. RoRo is also using in large industries for waste disposal. Zem Services Ltd® provides highly affordable roll-on and roll-off skip-hire services.


These skip bins come with a lock system, ensuring that the waste is prevented from unauthorized access. The sight of trash-filled containers is genuinely a disturbing site. In addition, these skip bins are used to protect the rubbish from theft. Also, some waste can be harmful if left exposed. For such examples, lockable Skip is perfect for hire.


We intend to provide you with the best waste management facilities at very affordable prices. Our company will offer you 24/7 customer support at any level of skip hire in Greater London as our customer convenience is our priority to save your time and efforts.

2 Yard Skip

A 2 yard skip is use for a very tiny amount of waste as daily household waste. It is suitable for customers’ regular household waste.

3 Yard Skip

3 yards skip is best from time to time remodeling like home, workplaces, washroom, kitchen, garden, and so forth. You can have it according to your budget, and it is readily available at low prices.

4 Yard Skip

A 4 yard skip can easily hold up to 45 black sacks. Also, it is a very cheap approach to cover an area of four cubic yards.

5 Yard Skip

They are using for business families, waste, homegrown, and much more. Little places and is bigger than the 4 yards

6 Yard Skip

6 yard Skip is use for commercial and residential construction and renewal waste removal. Six yards is unique in comparison to other skips.

8 Yard Skip

Eight yards is a developer-size skip. In constructing houses, hiring the 8 yard Skip can save your money, time, and energy.

10 Yard Skip

A 10 yard skip is the smallest size of a maxi skip. It is for household cleaning, small business waste management like offices and parks.

12 Yard Skip

12 yard Skip is use for commercial purposes and large amounts of waste management.

14 Yard Skip

A 14 yard skip can hold a large amount of waste. It is easy to transfer heavy and oversized practical junks with a 14 yard skip.

16 Yard Skip

The 16 yard Skip for to move large amounts of trash. It is to transfer the business waste. It can hold up to 170 to 180 sacks of trash.

18 Yard Skip

An 18 yard skip is for heavy-duty construction sites for the movement of larger objects. 

20 Yard Skip

Can use a 20 yard skip for the extra-large waste material that requires more space to handle.

25 Yard Skip

A 25 yard skip is ideal for building-related and commercial waste in a large amount.

30 Yard Skip

The 30 yards Skip is an economical pack and can transfer up to 300+ bags of trash, and it is for buildings or industrial waste.

40 Yard Skip

A 40 yard skip is suitable for large-scale commercial and industrial waste.


I am happy with Zem Services Ltd®’s services and products. They solved the problem of waste in my home as well as in my society. Pleased and would highly recommend them.
Ellie Ch
The team at Zem has been extremely patient with my needs and provided me with all the support and guidance I needed to choose the right Skip.
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