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Hiring the best skips in the town of Greater Manchester has never been easier. Now you can easily hire the skips in Greater Manchester in your area at the most reasonable price and in the best quality available. Over the years, Skip Hire Greater Manchester has been an excellent firm for a cleaner environment, operating ecologically and environmentally friendly service throughout Greater Manchester. We have the pleasure of serving numerous clients in various industries and their fields and providing the best quality services under the roof of Zem Services Limited. Zem aims to offer you the best services at the right time at the right price. All details are listed on our website. Visit our website and check everything carefully. Our superiority is to provide our customers with the best skip hire at a reasonable cost.


Do you live in Greater Manchester and are looking for the best skip hire services? We know your needs, and here we are to serve you in your area, Greater Manchester. After visiting the website, you can choose the best skip hire size that meets your needs. We do our work with all kinds of security measures.


The skips available on a rental basis in Greater Manchester come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. We are fully dedicated and responsible for offering the best skips in Greater Manchester with the best quality capable of handling all types of trash material for pick up and disposal. Here at Zem Services Limited, we ensure that you get the right Skip size that fits all your requirements on a daily or ad-hoc basis, no matter what kind of property you require in it and for what purpose.


Are you thinking about handling heavy objects and waste during the relocation? The Man with van service available at Zem Services Limited offers a fleet of vans with trained drivers in picking and handling the waste with care for disposal in Greater Manchester. Our Man with a van service provides you with a helper who will facilitate your transportation, deliver your heavy luggage and adequately manage your waste. This service is available at a reasonable price, which will save you time and cost.


Another service provided at Zem Services Limited is trash removal and the effective elimination of all kinds of waste material. Now you do not even need to pick up and dispose of your scrap because Zem Services Limited is here to do it for you. It will provide you with the waste-collecting and cleaning service generated during garden construction, house and office renovations, and construction.


Now you do not even need to worry about the sizes of skips available here at Zem Services Limited in Greater Manchester. We can provide skips for different purposes that can be placed on any property and can pick up the trash, no matter what kind it is. We have skips available for picking up household trash, gardening waste material, construction and re-décor waste material, and construction purposes on small to large commercial and industrial spaces. You can rely on us for helping you find the best available and best-suited skip size for you.


Mini skips available for hire in Greater Manchester are the smallest of skips available in terms of size. These are better suited to pick up small amounts of everyday household trash. These are better to be used on small residential properties where it is easier to fit in a small space.


Midi skips available at Zem Services Limited are slightly bigger than mini skips and can carry more amounts of rubbish than a mini skip. These can also hold gardening waste material. 


Builder skips available in Greater Manchester at Zem Services Limited are suitable for getting rid of any building repair waste or any other kind of repair work that leaves behind trash material in its wake. These are best to be used in construction sites.


Maxi skips are slightly larger and can contain multiple kinds of waste, from gardening trash material to renovation waste material. If your needs not fulfilled with a mini skip, you can choose this because it is comparatively large.


ROROs are the kind of skips that are more flexible and convenient for usage for different purposes. You can use Roll on Roll offs to carry different types of waste material and place them on any property. You can even put them on construction and commercial sites.


If you are worried about trash being stolen, you don’t need to worry too much as we are talking about lockable skips. These skips are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your waste. Lockable skips are fully enclosed and essential for those customers who need skips for long-term use for their homes or businesses.


Zem Services Ltd® is a leading, registered, and highly professional waste management company. The services we offer at highly affordable rates with fast delivery. We provide the best support to our customers. 

2 Yard Skip

These are the smallest and cheapest skips offered in the best quality for you and your property. You can use them for your small projects.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard skips are best for cleaning the waste of bathroom and kitchen redecoration.

4 Yard Skip

The 4 yard Skip is your best bet in case your waste removal needs are more and you want to remove your small garden waste efficiently.

5 Yard Skip

Our 5 yard skips clean up your trash from your store and shops or any domestic project.

6 Yard Skip

Our 6 yard skip is best to get rid of any construction rubble from your construction site, whether it is commercial or residential. 

8 Yard Skip

Use 8 yard skips to dispose of any restaurant or store construction junk and leftovers. 

10 Yard Skip

Get a 10 yard skip if you want to get rid of all kinds of gardening waste, renovation waste, as well as commercial projects rubbish. 

12 Yard Skip

If your site is undergoing commercial construction and wants to handle a large amount of waste, hire a 12 yard skip.

14 Yard Skip

The 14 yard Skip is to handle industrial waste and massive-sized objects. 

16 Yard Skip

The 16 yard Skip is to carry heavy waste materials, and it is mostly for during domestic or commercial construction projects.

18 Yard Skip

The 18 yard Skip is the perfect size to remove the large waste from business sites during construction.

20 Yard Skip

If you are thinking about hiring a perfect size to handle your waste produced from entire home renovations, then a 20 yard skip is for you.

25 Yard Skip

For your more significant constructional needs and large-scale industry, a 25 yard skip is your best option. 

30 Yard Skip

For carrying heavier and large amounts of construction material, use a 30 yard skip. 

40 Yard Skip

Forty yard skips are the biggest-sized skips available for hire at Zem in Greater Manchester and are available at a reasonable price.


For the best skip hire rates at the best quality, go to Zemr Services Limited for all your waste disposal needs.
I am a repeat client of Zem and I can say with full confidence they have always have top-notch services.
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