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Zem Services Ltd has been providing fantastic trash management services all across the UK. Skip hire Hertfordshire is the sole service provider that effectively regulates the waste from all the areas across Hertfordshire. We operate by following all the legal policies under the Environment Agency’s observations as a licensed service provider. Skips are available in various sizes and can manage and dispose of a large amount of non-hazardous waste. Our low skip costs make us the finest skip company for you. From small sizes to micro skips, we have a complete range of skips.


We only provide top-notch services to our valuable clients in HERTFORDSHIRE. Our services include hiring skip at highly reasonable prices, man-with-a-van service, and garbage elimination service. We can provide all these services to you at a time and separately, depending on your need.


Skip hire is a fantastic trash disposal solution when you have a large amount of trash but are unsure where to put all this trash. It   provides you with one of the best skip hire services in your area. We can deliver your Skip on your driveway or your side of the street if you’re undertaking a deep clean of your home and have a lot of substantial scrap bags and larger objects that need to be disposed of. Drop your requirements to get the most effective skip hire!


Not every situation calls for a skip, and in certain circumstances, a different approach can save you money, time and even allow you to dispose of your trash without lifting a finger. In such a scenario, “Man with a Van” service is just the thing you need. This is the service for you if your rubbish is already stacked and in critical need of removal or if you don’t have the capacity for a skip, and a pricey permit is necessary. You can hire this service from Zem Services Ltd and timely get rid of your trash without a hustle.


Rubbish disposal is essential for maintaining a clean and sanitary home environment. Furthermore, one of the essentials for a healthy and happy existence is keeping your home and garden clean and ordered. You can book a junk removal service whenever you want. Skip Hire Hertfordshire is providing you with 24/7 service. We are supplying you with fast, reliable services all across the UK. 


You’re going to generate a lot of domestic waste if you’re making some home improvements, gardening, construction work or any of such activities. As a result, you’ll need a waste management solution to handle the waste generated as you renovate your home to get rid of the trash in an effective and user-friendly manner. We’ll help you choose the best Skip Hire size for your needs.


The smallest Skip is referred to as a mini skip. They may have open-top loads of construction and demolition leftovers and garden waste and a variety of litter. And are available in two sizes; a 2-yard skip and a 3-yard skip to tackle domestic waste.


Midi skips are pretty popular among domestic customers because they are convenient and cost-effective skip options. Because of their size, these skips are pretty adaptable. Aside from the fact that they can easily fit into any property, they also provide a large quantity of room for customers to dispose of their waste.


Most construction projects rely heavily on the builder skips. These are often called developer skips and are ideal for gathering and disposing of a variety of waste. You will be able to dispose of all types of rubbish from your personal, commercial, or industrial property using builder skip hire.


Maxi skips are big skips that can be used for various home, commercial, and industrial purposes. These skips are helpful to get rid of a large volume of trash and are suitable for multiple uses. It is ideal for extensive scale renovations, large projects, and simple, economical low volume waste disposal.


The roll-on roll-off skips are enormous, which allows them to hold massive amounts of leftovers. This is both time and money-saving. It lowers the cost of trash elimination by reducing the number of journeys back and forth. The roll-on, roll-off Skip hire is an excellent option for large mechanical sites and waste removal.


Lockable skips are the most excellent solution for waste concealment and disposal, which we can provide at your location. We will ensure that your trash products are  taken without , posing a risk of theft. 


Skip hire is an excellent way to get rid of unwanted waste, and it’s usually one of the most cost-effective options. The cost of renting a skip depends on several things, including the size of the Skip you’re renting, the item you’re discarding, your location, and the company’s handling and service fees.

2 Yard Skip

Smaller domestic projects and garden cleanups are appropriate for the 2 yard mini Skip.

3 Yard Skip

For jobs that produce only a tiny amount of waste material, this is the best waste disposal option.

4 Yard Skip

A 4 yard skip is suitable for small garden renovation or small home refurbishments.

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard skip can carry a lot of trash and is large enough for most residential projects.

6 Yard Skip

If you only expect a limited amount of rubbish from your home improvements, a 6 yard skip is a good option.

8 Yard Skip

These skips can hold a significant quantity of rubbish, ideal for large home renovation projects and commercial locations.

10 Yard Skip

The 10 yard Skip has a substantially bigger capacity of 100-110 trash bags, ideal for larger chores and DIY projects.

12 Yard Skip

Domestic consumers with a significant volume of rubbish to dispose of can also hire these jumbo skips.

14 Yard Skip

The 14 yard Skip may be for a variety of business purposes and major residential renovation projects.

16 Yard Skip

These massive skips are typically for dispose of light and bulky rubbish at industrial and commercial locations.

18 Yard Skip

They are for construction, building, and industrial sites for waste removal and are the most significant variant of Maxi skips.

20 Yard Skip

These RORO skips are primarily employed on large-scale construction projects and industrial operations.

25 Yard Skip

In the building business, these skips are a popular choice and can carry heavy weights.

30 Yard Skip

The 30 yard Roll-on Roll-off skip is for commercial and industrial waste removal projects.

40 Yard Skip

These skips are ideal for undertakings that generate a large amount of rubbish.


The booking process on the website was fantastic, as was the delivery and collection. The drivers were exceptionally polite and accommodating.
Excellent service arrived at the time I requested, the two gentlemen that came were courteous and friendly, a credit to your company, and I will surely use your services again.
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