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Skip Hire Kent is consistently there with good deals when overseeing trash management for residential and commercial customers. We are a fully licensed and insured Skip hiring company serving in Kent. For decades, we’ve been delivering high-quality skip hire services. We are aware of how to provide waste management ethics. If you’re new to Kent and want the best Skip Hire, our firm will bring high-quality Skip hire directly to your door. Our sole purpose is to give our customers high-quality skip hire at a reasonable price. You can get comprehensive advice on choosing the correct skips, from skip type to skip size. Visit our website.


Our vision and mission are evident. We want to eliminate waste-related issues by providing our customers with high-quality waste management services. The are known as a best and reliable company that has appointed a man with a van responsible for serving our customers effectively at their residential places. We are economical and offer lucrative discounts.


Skips are containers of heavy-duty open-top metal boxes for hire for ordinary non-hazardous trash. These are easy to use because the hiring service covers delivery to your site and collection after the trash has been completed. We offer a range of skip sizes by keeping your needs in mind. Our prices are also affordable; we facilitate our skip hire service at cheap rates. Moreover, you can check our sizes according to your needs with all details related to skip sizes mentioned on our website; we hope you will enjoy our services.

Man with a van

Zem Man with a Van Service guarantees that all undesired waste – from wherever on the premises – is put onto Waste vans that we offer. Our insured and authorized workers even tell you what to do before the waste is loaded and cleaned away! Man with a van is a door-to-door service. In this service, you will have the help of a work that we will provide you and a van to pick up the trash. The prices for this service are pretty lucrative, which can make you book it right away. 

Rubbish Removal

Our company has an objective to serve its customers in the best possible way to manage their rubbish at their residents. We emphasize serving effectively in terms of consolidated cleaning and litter removal. No matter how large your unwanted items are, our business can help propose the best service to your needs. We will make sure that we sweep and rake everything with our tools before we leave your room. 


Zem Services Ltd has a primary concern to serve the clients what they need to meet their personal or professional needs. We offer various skip sizes to meet the demand for the entirety of rubbish removal needs. Moreover, we provide an affordable yet reliable service, so you must give it a try. 

Mini Skip Hire KENT

The smallest Skip of our company is mini skip hire, an ideal solution for cleaning primarily for services around the resident home or office, guest room or kitchen area. It takes a small space to fit, so you don’t need to worry about space.

Midi Skip Hire KENT

If you are dealing with a notable amount of trash, Midi skip is a good option that can remove 45 to 55 packs of junk doesn’t matter how filled they are. Midi skip Hire is the best facility to renovate our residential areas or professional venues. 

Builder Skip Hire KENT

At the private and commercial level, builder skip hire is the best tool. Builder skip hire is the ultimate solution when the houses, businesses, and substantial building destinations are meant to be redesigned or moved from one place to another, and the amount of waste is considerable. 

Maxi Skip Hire KENT

We offer maxi skips to be used for several houses, commercial and industrial purposes. Moreover, a great facility widely used for entire house renovations. Large scale yard clean-ups, office and retail cleanouts, and for disposal of various types of commercial waste.

Roll-On Roll-Off Skip Hire KENT

Roll-on roll-off skips are a big kind of skip hire, also called RoRo skips. These skips may be obtained in a range of sizes from 20 yards to 40 yards. They are capable of managing most types of waste material and, because of their vast size, are preferred at commercial and industrial sites. While residential clients sometimes use them but are utilized by the business sectors more frequently. Roll-on roll-off skip hire is the right option that generates vast quantities of trash.

Lockable Skip Hire KENT

You can secure your trash from unauthorized access, and we have lockable skips that can resolve several concerns. People are turning to safer options for disposing of their waste by using lockable skips across the United Kingdom. These are preferred to limit unwanted additions to skips reserved for personal use. Besides, it is used to prevent scrap theft.


We have a variety of skip sizes; their prices vary depending on their sizes. View our details of skips and their sizes, and without giving a second thought, select the one that suits your needs. Furthermore, you can compare our prices with other skip hire firms in the town.

2 Yard Skip

For domestic usage, 2 yard skips are adequate. Homes, offices, gardens, etc., are locations that need cleanliness. It is the best choice for use in households, small places of business and children’s homes. 

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard Skip is suitable to handle small waste produced by reshaping houses, workstations, laundry rooms, kitchens, gardens, etc. 

4 Yard Skip

It is the most important tool to satisfy the waste handling of the family. The midi skip can carry 45 bin bags. In addition, the technique of arranging space for four cubic metres is the least costly. 

5 Yard Skip

The 5 yard skip is a moderate size, helping to clean up small spaces, rubbish of small families, households, businesses, and more.

6 Yard Skip

6 Yard Skip is perhaps the most effective trash carrier for homegrown applications and garden tasks, some on mechanical sides. In comparison with various skips, six-yard skip pricing is also distinctive. 

8 Yard Skip

It is commonly to remove domestic waste. It also costs little and is readily available in Kent. 

10 Yard Skip

It is Maxi’s smallest skip size. It is the best leap forward in significant undertakings. Zem  has the potential to handle large amounts of waste. 

12 Yard Skip

The 12 yard skip is a beneficial way to dispose of enormous trash. It is a unique and powerful waste holder. 

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard skips may carry a lot of rubbish in a certain way. 

16 Yard Skip

The 16 yard Skip offers plenty of space to bring trash, primarily for corporate waste. It can contain 170 and 180 black waste packets. 

18 Yard Skip

The 18 yard Skip can carry many hefty, massive materials and is an unprecedented decision in modern places. 

20 Yard Skip

The 20 yard Skip is the best size for roll-on roll-off skip hire services. It carries a large amount of trash. 

25 Yard Skip

The most important one. The 25 yard Skip holds around 275 rubbish sacks and skillfully handles the waste. In business and everyday use, it is the most remarkable. 

30 Yard Skip

It is the second-largest roll-off Skip in size, ideal for commercial uses or construction sites. It holds over 300+ trash bags.

40 Yard Skip

The 40 yard Skip is an enormous trash tool in commercial and industrial sites. It’s not too expensive and hence trustworthy. It is a vast container and can hold an incredible amount of waste.



Fantastic service! Skip Hire Kent provides a brilliant hassle-free service. It was super efficient; our garden rubbish removed in no time, the area swept and cleaned. Appointment times made to suit us.
I must appreciate you, and I took your customer assistance and, of course, the services are excellent.
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