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Zem Services Ltd offers you Skip Hire Leicestershire the perfect solution to all your trash-removing problems. We are the most reliable and trustworthy skip hiring facility in Leicestershire. Our Customer services are best known for this frugality. Zem Skip Hires Leicestershire offers you a wide range and capacity options to choose from. We serve our customers, ensuring that our skip hire services are tailored to your waste disposal needs. We deal with all types of rubbish such as home or office renovation debris, on-site waste from household or commercial construction projects, gardening trash, or trash after cleaning a public space.


We at Leicestershire ensure that the rubbish is disposed of in the best way possible. In addition to taking care of your professional work, it also tries to accommodate your extra waste-related requirements. Zem provides various waste management services, including man with a van, rubbish removal, and skips hire.


Almost every type of scrap disposal requires to skip hire. Waste can be challenging to remove from small domestic tasks to big construction projects if not appropriately managed. What firm will work best for you depends upon the credibility of the company you have taken services from. In this regard, Zem Services Ltd is well qualified, licensed, and is also connected with authorized associations to ensure legal safety. Zem has a wide range of skip sizes according to your needs for all types of waste. These are available on our website; you can visit to choose from, and our support team will help you select the correct size.


An essential thing in choosing “Man, with a van” service is the reliability and trust a company offers. This service does the work of heavy lifting for you and can help in multiple ways, including house waste management and commercial relocations. The best benefit of “Man’ with a van” is that it is an economical and professional way to get things done at relatively low rates. We will send our representative with a van to your place to help with the heavy products shifting process. They will also assist you in managing your waste efficiently.


If you want to clean the trash from your garden, home, or office, this is the perfect place to start our trash removal services, we help you pick up all your waste. Customers can hire scrap disposal services for any disaster. We are responsible for the ways we dispose of our rubbish. We ensure safety and take responsibility for the proper management of waste. 


Zem Services Ltd Skip hires Leicestershire to bring different kinds of skip sizes and shapes. In addition to that, there are multiple accessories available. Our customer service helps you choose the best Skip according to the nature of your work. One of the reasons skips are so famous is the range of sizes in which they are available.


Mini Skips are most familiar with domestic clients as they are smaller and work definitively for small domestic projects like bathroom refits. These skips are beneficial as they do not take a lot of space. In restricted areas, mini skips can come to the rescue. These are pretty cost-friendly concerning the services they provide.


Midi skips have a capacity of almost four cubic yards. There are differences in the midi skip sizes, but they are primarily suitable for domestic purposes like kitchen refurbs. For complete house waste removals, you need to look for a somewhat bigger skip. These are easy to use and cheap to buy.


Builder skips are more significant and can be for a range of projects. These skips can be used for landscaping the garden or clearing out your office. 6-Yard skips and 8-Yard skips are considered builder skips that can be used to dispose of construction material, including bricks and rubbles.


Maxi skips are perfect for managing several types of waste, including both domestic and business-related works. It is pretty popular and cost-friendly. It can carry about 100-200 black bin bags of trash.


Roll-on Roll-off skips come in various sizes, starting from 20 yards and ending at 40 yards. That means they are quite suitable for almost every kind of commercial and industrial work and are transported on the worksite.We all kinds of rubbish can be removed using these skips.


Lockable skips are used for all kinds of wastage removal, including demolition works. They prevent undesirable access or spilling. Heavy amounts of waste are kept responsibly. It can help to keep our environment safe as winds can cause some destruction to disperse. 


The prices of skips vary depending on skip sizes, accessories, hire period, and location. There are specific skips that are suitable for particular purposes. The range in sizes makes it easier for clients to choose what works best for them. Zem Services Ltd ensures that our service includes all the essential equipment. 

2 Yard Skip

The 2 Yard skips do not need a council license making it convenient and easy. It is used for tiny homes and office waste.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard Skip is definitive for small garden wastes and best for bathroom and kitchen refurbishments waste on a small scale.

4 Yard Skip

The 4 Yard Skip can work on more significant projects where a secondary skip is required. 

5 Yard Skip

The 5 Yard Skip can carry a substantial amount of waste. It works both for domestic and commercial purposes. 

6 Yard Skip

They are popular as they can handle a considerable amount. We can be put in many locations. 

8 Yard Skip

This is popular with commercial clients. For small to middle-size projects, they are best.

10 Yard Skip

The 10 Yard Skip has enough space to deal with both domestic and commercial tasks. 

12 Yard Skip

The 12 Yard Skip is essential as several different materials can be removed using this. 

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard has ample capacity and is best for heavy rubbish.

16 Yard Skip

The 16 Yard skips We are often found on construction sites and are suitable for projects like shop-fittings.  

18 Yard Skip

The 18 Yard Skip We can be used both in one large project or many small tasks together. 

20 Yard Skip

Except for materials like asbestos, these skips can carry a lot of bulk waste. 

25 Yard Skip

The 25 Yard Skip comes in different shapes to increase the capacity to dispose of waste. 

30 Yard Skip

The 30 Yard skips are best for different big projects. Because of There enormous size, they are mostly  for industrial projects.  

40 Yard Skip

The 40 Yard Skip It is perfect for commercial projects because of The size.


Zem Services Ltd skip hire is a fantastic service that prioritizes its customers. I wish I could have about this company earlier. They were not only professional but also fast in their favor. They were friendly and humble to deal with.
What I liked best about working with Zem Skip Hire Leicestershire was their coordination and teamwork. They knew pretty well about their work, and they did their job proficiently. I didn’t have to intervene at any moment as they did everything correctly.
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