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Do you need to skip hiring services of exceptional value to manage vast amounts of the junk produced in your domestic, commercial, or business projects? Skip hire Lincolnshire offers the most satisfactory service in the city from the beginning of your task till the end of it. Our high approach is our customer’s convenience and satisfaction. For this purpose, we have a large variety of containers, vehicles, and different kinds of skips at hand to meet our clients’ demands. If you are in the centre of Lincolnshire at affordable prices, then our firm will attract you with skip utility sizes according to your space. Furthermore, we provide multiple services like “Man, with a van” and rubbish removal service. All of our efforts ensure that you get an ideal skip hire service at a cost-efficient price.


Skip hiring has become necessary for housebuilders, construction workers, property dealers, retail clients, customers dealing with business wastes, etc. In any case of the nature of your project, our company assures you to provide a consistent and affordable solution.


With our years of experience, we have developed our name in the rubbish management industry, and we have enhanced our services through dedication and determination. In addition to providing you with the best skip hire services, we are focused on putting an extra effort to build trust and reliability between our customers and our company. Our skips wide range selection provides you with an efficient way to choose your best Skip according to the waste quantity or waste types.


“Man, with a van service” is an all-in-all service as it is timely, convenient, prompt, and affordable. Moving to different locations, especially when transporting goods, can become problematic, hectic, and time-consuming. Here we enter to make things easier, less overwhelming, and more hassle-free for you. Our proficient and trustworthy movers are only one call away. They will come at the allotted time, collect your things, and transport them to the right place within the selected period.


Our first concern after collecting trash from your area is to create a safe environment. We can help you clean up your needs, whether it’s for your home or office. Our firm includes a wide range of waste generated during garden development and even mechanical trash. We not only guarantee you our comprehensive insurance and no hidden cost policy, but we also assure you of our professional artistry and clean, efficient work. Give us a call, and we’ll help you with everything from trash collection to disposal.


Skips come in different sizes and are used according to the amount of waste. They also have different dimensions and shapes. Zem Services Ltd endeavors to provide you with the ideal Skip that perfectly fits your specific project’s descriptions.


The smallest skip size is the mini Skip that is most suitable for a small household project. When you are working in a restricted area, mini skips are the best and most cost-friendly option. They are usually divided into 2-yard and 3-yard skips. Some firms include 4-yard skips into the category of mini skips.


Midi skips are perfect for minor kitchen renovation projects, bathroom refits, or large house clean-ups. They are used for carrying a moderate amount of junk. The size of the midi skip allows them to be fitted in any property, making them an eco-friendly option among customers.


We have multiple sizes in builder skips from 8 Yard to 12 yard skip size. Our builder skips will help you clean and manage all your junk according to your budget and needs. Usually, an 8 Yard builder skip is suitable for moderate to large projects.


Maxi skips can carry substantial waste, and they cost less than a Roll-on Roll-off skip. If you want to clean out your complete home after a year, you should hire a maxi skip as it is cost-friendly and valuable for larger domestic projects.


Roll-on Roll-off skips are more extensive than standard skips. Most usually, they are found on business or industrial sites. They come in several sizes, from 20-yard RoRo skip to 40-yard Skip, helping to handle multiple types of waste


Lockable skips come with the advantage of putting a lock that takes care of the safety of the Skip. This skip facility is the safest because it has secure locks to protect your waste from theft or leakage. These skips are highly recommended for industrial-related waste, which can harm the environment and need to be protected. Also, they are specifically an ideal choice for customers who are going to hire a long service. 


You can hire any skip from 2-yard to 40-yard, and if troubled, you can take help from our customer service. Skip hire Lincolnshire provides the option of price and rubbish calculator on the online portal. We also offer flexible fees and take into account our customers’ budget and requirements.

2 Yard Skip

The 2 Yard skips are preferred by domestic, residential, and private customers to take care of a small amount of waste. 

3 Yard Skip

If you need a skip to handle your small kitchen or bathroom refurbs waste, then the 3-yard Skip is the best choice.

4 Yard Skip

For projects like home clearance, house renovations, garden clean-ups, the 4 Yard Skip is here to rescue.  

5 Yard Skip

The 5 Yard Skip is the largest midi skip available, and it is most convenient in domestic applications.  

6 Yard Skip

The 6 Yard Skip is suitable for more significant household refurbishment projects and is also used on construction sites.   

8 Yard Skip

The 10 Yard Skip is ideal for carrying the mixed waste of industrial and construction projects.  

10 Yard Skip

Get your hands on a 10 yard skip to get rid of all sorts of gardening waste, renovation waste, along-with commercial projects garbage.

12 Yard Skip

For bulkier waste produced in large clear-out projects, the 12 Yard Skip is best. 

14 Yard Skip

The 14 Yard is fantastic to use for handling a considerable amount of junk like construction debris. 

16 Yard Skip

Both heavy and bulky material can be managed by hiring the 16 Yard Skip. 

18 Yard Skip

Because of the space and capacity it offers, the 18-Yard Skip is preferred by commercial customers. 

20 Yard Skip

The 20 yard smallest RoRo skip is an ideal option for all industrial, commercial, and business clients. 

25 Yard Skip

The price of a 25 Yard skip fluctuates. Our excellent customer service will guide you in this regard. This is the perfect size for building or industrial waste. 

30 Yard Skip

The 30 Yard skips are used to handle mixed, bulky, and heavy amounts of waste made in industrial and construction work.  

40 Yard Skip

The 40 Yard Skip almost holds 400 bin bags for managing an enormous amount of industrial waste.


Zem Services Ltd was way better and cheaper than the previous skip service I was using. I appreciate the excellent communication of their friendly staff. All my queries were answered in a respected and professional manner. Kudos to all of you!.
I can’t help comparing it to the other skip hire services. The movers came with the Skip on time and managed it all in minutes. Both the benefits of delivery and collection were perfect. I am incredibly pleased.
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