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As we all know, the world is facing severe issues regarding land pollution, and it has annoyed many humans living on the earth. Skip Hire Midlothian use various items in our daily lives which create waste like plastic, wrappers, and organic trash. But many of us don’t know how to tackle litter conveniently. Zem Services Ltd at Midlothian wood is always here to help you out. We are a company containing well-trained and experienced workers who have offered responsible, cost-effective skip hire services across Midlothian for several decades. We provide complete guidance to our customers to remove trash manageably. Suppose you are in a fix to select the skip according to your necessity. In that case, Zem Services Ltd is available 24/7 to assist you in choosing the most suitable skip. Moreover, we also render our services for trash removal from your locations according to your affordability.


Zem Services Ltd always aims at providing the best and pocket-friendly skip hire services to its customers. That’s why our previous clients in Midlothian didn’t feel any need to go for any other skip hire company, once they avail our quality services. Our primary motive is 100% client satisfaction. Our services include comprehensive guidance for skip selection, trash management, and waste removal from your locations. If you want to enjoy our facilities, we are at a distance of just one click from you. You have to visit our website and describe your concern; the rest is our liability. The following is a list of our services. 


Zem Services Ltd at Midlothian has an extensive collection of skips available in different sizes, shapes, and types. We understand many people don’t know how to choose the most suitable skip size according to their needs. Therefore, Zem services Ltd assists its customers in selecting the appropriate and affordable skip which can handle their waste effectively. Whether your waste is commercial, industrial, or domestic, you don’t have any need to worry. Because we are always ready to provide our services to you, all you have to do is scroll to our website and select your desired skip. The rest is up to us.


We know that hiring a skip and throwing the waste at distant places is uncomfortable for many people. Therefore, Zem Services Ltd at Midlothian introduced ‘Man with a van service. This facility is the solution to many of your waste discarding and cleaning problems.  We spend significant time investigating home cleaning, offering you an excellent, solid standard cleaning administration that you can depend on at a sensible cost. Our representative comes to your doorstep, collects the trash, and brings the scrap to dispose of it safely.


Waste management has become a headache for many people because they do not have the proper knowledge and guidance to get rid of the trash. Therefore, Zem Services Ltd at Midlothian has come up with the vision to assist people in making our planet filth-free at any cost. We come to your doorstep to provide our services. We collect commercial, residential, industrial, and construction waste from your location and transport it for disposal in a convenient way. Our services are cost-efficient and remarkable. So, go to our website and provide the necessary information. We will be with you quickly to provide our facilities. 


We have a lot of skips in our library, which vary in their sizes, shapes, and types. Many people don’t have the knowledge to choose the skip according to their needs. If you want complete guidance to select the best skip, visit our website. Nevertheless, below is a list of our various types of skip. 


If you are looking for a tiny and affordable skip, this is made for you. It is manufactured to clean trash of small projects, home decorations, and kitchen renovations. Many people like this skip because it is cheap and occupies less space than other commonly used skips. 


This skip is sparingly bigger than the MINI skip. It manages the waste of home decors, garden furnishings, and kitchen renovations. It can carry about 45 to 55 sacks of trash. The silent feature of this skip is that it is cost-effective and popular among domestic clients.


As we know, construction sites create a large amount of sizeable debris. Therefore, builders need a builder skip to handle the waste. This skip can control sizeable waste of construction sites, bathroom renovations, kitchen decorations, and moderate home projects. 


If you want to tackle commercial waste, this is manufactured according to your desire. It is best to carry sizeable trash. It is made by keeping in view the affordability of ordinary people. Therefore, you can avail this skip at the best and cost-efficient price. 


This skip can manage more waste than other standard skips. It is ideal for eliminating bulky waste of construction and commercial projects. The loading and unloading of this skip are pretty easy for everyone because of its structure, and you can attain it at low prices. 


This skip is the best choice for you to protect your skip from being used by strangers. It is ideally best to eliminate the waste of domestic and office sites. It is placed in riotous areas so that naughty people might not steal anything from the skip. You can have this skip at very affordable rates. 


At Midlothian, Zem Services Ltd has a vast collection of skips fluctuating in sizes, shapes, and types. Each specific skip has its price depending on the size. If you want a suitable skip, go to our website and select your desired skip. However, below is a complete list of our skips of various sizes. 

2 Yard Skip

Our 2 yard skip is effective in removing waste from home furnishings and garden decorations. 

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard skip is ideal for controlling the waste of small home projects and kitchen renovations. 

4 Yard Skip

This skip is advantageous to remove trash from garden furnishings. 

5 Yard Skip

Our 5 yard skip is used to manage the rubbish of home decors and commercial projects.  

6 Yard Skip

The 6 yard skip is ideal for removing the waste of construction and business sites. 

8 Yard Skip

This skip is the most suitable choice for you if you want to tackle the trash of homes and offices. 

10 Yard Skip

This skip is effective in eliminating the waste of homes and parks.

12 Yard Skip

Our 12 yard skip is quite efficient in getting rid of commercial trash.  

14 Yard Skip

The 14 yard skip can carry a substantial amount of rubbish to remove. 

16 Yard Skip

This skip is ideal for controlling sizeable trash because it can accommodate about 180 bags of waste. 

18 Yard Skip

Our 18 yard skip is ideal for eliminating debris of industries and developmental projects.  

20 Yard Skip

It is best to eliminate industrial and commercial waste due to its capacity of almost 220 to 230 trash bags.  

25 Yard Skip

This skip is quite efficient in removing bulky industrial construction leftovers.

30 Yard Skip

If you want to get rid of bulky commercial trash, this is the best option for you. 

40 Yard Skip

This skip is the largest in our library. It is effectively used for construction trash disposal.


As a builder in my daily life a lot of debri come to face. I was worried about removing the annoying debris, but I am thankful to Zem Services Ltd, responsible for trash disposal. I highly recommend Zem for skip hire services. John Faraday
John Faraday
Thanks to Zem Services Ltd, which guided me in the selection of the skip. I have recently settled in Midlothian, and I had no solution for waste removal. Zem Services Ltd provided me with the best skip, which is enough to control my household waste. Dennis Johnson
Dennis Johnson
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