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Whether you are a residential client or need a commercial solution, waste management is always a struggle. Zem Services Ltd was developed to solve all these waste management issues. We offer comprehensive skip rental services throughout Skip Hire Moray for both home and industrial projects. Recognized as one of the best waste management companies in the UK, Zem offers to skip rental services of various sizes to suit your needs. At the same time, our excellent service facilities are reasonably priced and affordable for everyone. For more information about our facilities, please visit our website. We seek the total satisfaction of our customers.


Our vision and mission are to keep the environment clean and healthy. Waste is dumped daily from homes, factories, and industries, but it requires special handling. When you place an order, skips will be delivered instantly within the same day. Zem is very proud to be able to provide 100% satisfaction to all our customers.

Skip Hire

We are a licensed and approved waste management company in the town. In addition to providing the best skip hire, we also offer some extended services to assist in waste regulation. Zem Services Ltd provides small different a variety of skip rental services. Skips sizes vary from 2-yard skips to 40-yard skips. If you need help with skip size selection, we have a comprehensive guide to various skips. It is our foremost responsibility to contribute to a clean, transparent, and healthy environment. Visit your website to get the latest updates. 

Man with a Van

If you’re worried about working on a lot of waste, don’t worry anymore! Our experts will facilitate the cleaning for you. You can also contact us or send us a mail for more information. The man with the van meets the most urgent requirements you may have, where our team will show and pick up your tr to avoid inconvenience. For those who want to get rid of unwanted tr, van service guys have become a popular alternative to avoiding skip hire. If you don’t have enough space or can’t remove the debris, this service may be a good alternative. Check out the great rates for Man with a Van service at Moray.

Garbage Removal

At Zem, we are determined not to leave stones to keep society clean. We guarantee you a full warranty of our service from start to finish of the project. 

Garbage Removal is an on-demand service that allows you to remove garbage from your home or office. We move large items such as furniture and fixtures, clean the entire house, remove tr in various places, and collect tr by cleaning buildings and properties. We are environmentally friendly, so we try to get rid of the tr as soon as possible!


Zem Services Ltd offers all waste management services. Visit our website to check the rental size, place an order and receive it on the same day. We ensure that you can avail the best suitable skip size if you are confused by the sizes and types available. We offer various sizes from Mini to Roro skips.


These skips are small in size but mighty for limited usage. They are specially used for family initiatives because having a mini skip will no longer require a lot of space. In addition, to being space friendly, those skips can also be used for offices. Whether or not it’s your home party, consecutive kitchen waste removal, or lawn smooth-up, mini skips are a perfect choice. You can look at exciting quotes of mini skips to rent in on our internet site. 


Midi skips are the most favored ones for householders and small enterprise initiatives. They have an extra area than mini skips. A Midi skips can be efficient for dumping forty to sixty trash bags. These skips are available in two exclusive sizes; four-yard skips and five-yard skips. Midi skips are ideal for small quantities of home waste and lawn cleanups.


Builder skips are a median length that caters to different disposal needs. This length is likewise the desired size used for industrial initiatives. Mostly seen at production sites, builder skips have sufficient area to hold as much as 60-70 trash bags, appropriate for small industrial enterprises. 


Mainly used for industrial tasks, they could deliver heavy trash items. Industries and huge production initiatives choose the usage of the Maxi skips. Also, that is an inexpensive alternative. These skips are slightly different types used for complete domestic refurbishments and big lawn clean-up waste disposal tasks. 


If you’re a part of a massive challenge like multi-sectional industries or the development of significant buildings, you should have considered the RORO skips. The largest of all, RORO skips hires are specially used for critical industrial initiatives. This will allow you to address tons of industrial waste every day. We additionally make sure that we gather the skips instantly when they get filled.


Unwanted trash can be safely stored in a lockable skip. Great for hiding junk and making it invisible for exposed areas. Lockable trash skips have the most significant advantage of preventing trash theft, keeping debris safe, and preventing anyone from accessing or misusing the garbage.


Zem ensures that you get the lowest possible skip hire service. Some sizes meet all your specific requirements. If you reside in Moray and are looking for effective waste solutions, Visit our convenient website. If you have any queries about the skip size, Please feel free to contact us. 

2 Yard Skip

The 2 yard skip is made precisely for small disposals. These skips are perfectly suitable for small housework projects.

3 Yard Skip

These small skips are a great deal for small clearouts of offices, storerooms and kitchens.

4 Yard Skip

Projects such as garden work and kitchen refurbishments and leftovers from small businesses require a 4 yard 

5 Yard Skip

These are Midi skips and can easily carry 30-40 tr bags.

6 Yard Skip

This skip size can be used to handle moderate amounts of waste. Choose this skip size if you plan to rebuild your bathroom.

8 Yard Skip

The 8 yard skip is the most preferred skip size for heavy debris such as concrete, soil, and bricks. Cleans or manages home remodeling and development waste effectively.

10 Yard Skip

A 10 yard skip can generally accommodate waste from extensive home maintenance activities and numerous construction and commercial projects. It can fit about 100-110 trash packs. 

12 Yard Skip

The 12 yard maxi skip is suitable for large-scale home renovation projects and heavy waste generated on industrial land. It can carry about 120-130 garbage bags. 

14 Yard Skip

A 14 yard skip can generally hold debris from extensive residential maintenance activities and numerous construction and commercial projects. It fits in about 100 to 110 garbage bags. 

16 Yard Skip

The 16 Yard dump truck is also a popular maxi dump truck. This is a colossal leap popular among commercial customers by disposing of large amounts of construction waste.

18 Yard Skip

18 yard skips are the most cost-effective option for large furniture, construction sites, and industrial waste disposal. 

20 Yard Skip

A 20 yard roll-on roll-off skip is an excellent alternative for working with large amounts of debris that are not suitable for regular skips. 

25 Yard Skip

This is the second type of roll-on roll-off skips. This is a great way to get rid of clutter. This helps clean debris and trash on commercial, corporate development sites.

30 Yard Skip

The 30 Yard roll-on roll-off skip is suitable for commercial and industrial waste management. It is mainly used at construction sites to removing debris, heavy objects, and bulky goods.

40 Yard Skip

40 Yards skip is the largest skip size and can hold almost any trash. It is particularly cost-effective and can contain large amounts of waste. It can carry 330 to 440 garbage bags.


I am happy with the services provided by ZemServices Ltd. I strongly recommend their services, must not forget to mention the remarkable customer support.
Lexico Max
They are too good at their service.! If you are in Moray and still can’t find a good source of waste management, I highly recommend Zem Services Ltd. Strong against Johnson.
Philip Brine
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