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Skip Hire Norfolk offers the best skip services suited for a wide range of commercial and personal operations, from big, oversized products to lesser amounts of garden and household rubbish. Zem Services Ltd is offering you one of the best-remarked trash management services around Norfolk. We surely need to get yourself some skips service after a major cleanout or a small home project. Zem Services Ltd has been providing skip management services all across the UK. Our low skip costs make us the finest skip company for you, from small sizes and micro skips to more traditional 8-yard construction skips.


Garbage management services are a need in both an industrial setting and at home. It will undoubtedly be a fantastic choice for anyone who requires assistance with waste disposal. Keeping that requirement in mind, Skip Hire Norfolk offers you three of the best trash management services.


Skip hire provides a viable alternative to people who would otherwise be subject to landfill tax. Sorting your rubbish into several bins and then loading it onto a vehicle takes a significant amount of time and money. So much so that when you hire a skip, you might save up to 70% off the cost of bin bags alone.

Skip hire services are intended to help businesses and individuals save time and money. It is also a widely used and relatively inexpensive method of disposing of unwanted or unusable material.


A pleasant place is clean and well-organized. If you need an extra pair of hands, our dependable and quick ‘Man and Van’ service could be just what you need. When opposed to a skip hire service, our rubbish clearing service is more flexible, allowing you to choose practically any size of clearance. We’re glad to clear as much or as little rubbish as you need on the day, giving you complete control. We can usually remove your trash on the same day or a day of your choosing.


Garbage removal is an on-demand service that will remove almost any type of rubbish from your house or company. We carry heavy furniture and appliances, perform full-house cleanouts, provide minor demolition in several areas, and collect all types of waste and construction debris from real estate cleanouts. We can handle pretty much anything and everything.

Our residential rubbish removal services make it simple to clean out the clutter and transport away undesirable junk. We assist homeowners and tenants in locating a simple solution for getting rid of unwanted rubbish.


Skip Hire Barnet offers a variety of cost-effective and easy-to-operate skips for a variety of trash kinds. It comes in various shapes, with sizes varying from 8 to 40 cubic yards. We have a vast number of garbage carrier vehicles to meet your requirements.


Mini skips, sometimes available in 2 and 3 cubic yard sizes, were famous for removing modest amounts of stream debris. The price of a tiny skip varies slightly depending on where you live.


The Midi Skip is suitable for do-it-yourself and home improvement projects. Holding a capacity of 4 Cubic Yards, this Skip is excellent for minor household clearing or do-it-yourself projects. This Midi Skip fits in a typical driveway and takes up half a parking space.


If you are working on an ask that will generate a large volume of heavy or sharp objects in your rubbish, renting a skip is the best option. The 8-yard builder’s Skip is solid and dependable, with adequate capacity to handle massive projects with significant volumes of waste material.


Maxi skips are enormous, heavy-duty skip bins that can be used for a variety of tasks. These skip bins are ideal for disposing of significant amounts of unwanted waste, whether home, commercial or industrial. These skips are built to handle any form of rubbish, including large materials and bulky goods. Maxi skips are extremely popular with commercial and residential clients, and they are the most common garbage removal choice in the UK.


While regular skips may suffice for modest domestic garbage projects, a roll-on roll-off Skip is required for waste disposal from commercial or industrial premises. RoRo containers are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 15 to 40 yards.

In terms of frequency, you do not need to enter into a contract with your local Skip hiring company to schedule huge garbage disposal utilizing a roll-on roll-off Skip big.


The community is looking for a more secure and safe solution to dispose of their rubbish than hiring a traditional skip. You may want to consider leasing a lockable skip to keep your waste stuff safe from prying eyes or to ensure that no one else tosses items in it. This Skip is more typically utilized for long-term contracts like trade placement.


We take pleasure in providing a superb and efficient skip hire service to all of our customers to help them with their projects. To deal with the prices, you must first understand the dimensions of a skip.

2 Yard Skip

The 2 yard skip is ideal for both home and commercial waste.

3 Yard Skip

The 3 yard skips are typically utilized huge for bathroom renovations and stonework.

4 Yard Skip

The 4 Yard Skip is ideal for home renovations, kitchen and bathroom renovations, garden clearances, or simply seasonal clearouts.

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard skip is a low-cost and straightforward waste removal solution for several projects.

6 Yard Skip

They are handy when you need to get rid of trash rapidly.

8 Yard Skip

This size skip is the most practical if you have a considerable quantity of renovation work to do.

10 Yard Skip

They offer a significant amount of room for projects such as renovations or commercial equipment.

12 Yard Skip

The 12 yard Skip can hold a large amount of garbage or debris.

14 Yard Skip

Purchasing a 14 yard is a standard option for commercial and business use.

16 Yard Skip

These are frequently employed while constructing a building or undertaking a large project.

18 Yard Skip

Purchasing an 18 yard skip is ideal for transporting significant amounts of rubbish.

20 Yard Skip

20 yard skips are perfect for commercial and industrial tasks that create enormous amounts of waste, including bulky and heavy goods.

25 Yard Skip

A 25 yard skip can be used as an enormous container, holding up to 200 bags. 

30 Yard Skip

This can use to clean up a significant volume of green trash in the garden. These are frequently lockable.

40 Yard Skip

These skips can hold around 440 bags of trash.


Even though the Skip arrived a day late, I found the firm to be very efficient. However, we did receive a phone call informing us of the imminent event.
I reserved the Skip. Monday lunch was provided on Saturday. We filled it, and it was removed on Tuesday; excellent service..
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