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Are you worried about the skip hire services? Or do you need a better skip hire service than the one you are getting now? If so, don’t worry about it; you are at the right place. Zem Services Ltd is always available for you. We are an approved and highly recommended skip hire service providing company, providing the best services all over the country and in your city London. We do our work with the commitment to give the best service to every customer, even if it is a person who wants to hire us for your living apartment or it is a commercial area or even if it is a public place like Nottinghamshire, Skip Hire Nottinghamshire services are suitable for any site.  If you want to know about our specialties and terms and conditions, go through the website, here are all about our services.


Waste management is essential, especially when it is considered for a place like Nottinghamshire, where the majority of residents are of an elite class. We understand this issue, and we are experts in providing service for public places. Nottinghamshire services are not too expensive. We assure you that you will be relaxed after hiring us because we always put our best to give what the client wants. For contacting us you don’t need to ask anybody, you have to open our website, and there you will be shown approximately everything which any client can need.


It may not be challenging to find skip hire services if you are to find them but finding the best company that fulfills your requirements is very arduous. For comforting clients in this area, we classify and structure all sizes and prices, and many other things so that you will only need to click on that choice. Below we will also discuss our sizes and prices and also we will give testimonials of our services so just read the whole article till the end.


This is the service that proves our flexibility and client orientation. Over time we realized that some clients don’t want to hire a skip. Instead of hiring a skip, they want their trash to be collected from their place. So for facilitating them, we introduce this service. You just have to pay for garbage collection. If you avail of this service, our hardworking and experienced worker will come to the given address and collect all the garbage from time to time. It is a very low-cost facility provided by us.


We are not only concerned with our business, but we are also caring about our environment. As we collect garbage from every place ranging from houses to public places, we always prioritize hygienic methods of doing our work. We do our work in a very systematic way. You just have to inform us, and we will directly send our top-rated workers to your place. Our workers can remove any type of trash even if it is everyday trash or it is debris collected from construction work.


Zem Services ltd has a lot of varieties in sizes of skips. You can choose any skip from our website according to your need and budget. Also, it is possible that instead of choosing to skip by yourself, you just tell us your requirements with your budget, we will suggest the better skips. We can easily claim that we will indeed have skips in different varieties to fit into your budget.


Mini Skip is the best for a small volume of waste. It is specially designed for places where there is not a very big amount of garbage. It is suitable for areas like the kitchens of the houses and in public places it is best for parks and gardens. As it is small in size, it is also inexpensive.


If you want to keep 40 to 60 bags of trash, this amount is more than in a mini skip. So for the average amount of waste, we have Midi skip. In this skip, you can quickly put the waste quantity that can be kept in a mini skip plus some more debris.


It usually is the right choice for domestic projects, but it can also be helpful for projects of public places in NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. Construction work regularly occurs at Nottinghamshire, so this is ideal for handling all the construction waste. So you can choose this skip in any scenario of decoration or construction work at a very reasonable price.


We at Nottinghamshire provide this maxi skip to tackle a heavy amount of waste. These skips can be used for both household and industrial purposes. Our each and every skip hire is of good quality but as the maxi skips are designed for heavy purposes so these skips are of superior quality.


It is also for large trash but especially it handles hard trash which usually comes from industries and construction areas. We provide these RORO skips at a very reasonable cost. If you want to save your time then this RORO skip is convenient for you, because these roll-on roll-off skips are considered as more time-saving skips as compared to other skips which can carry heavy loads.


If you don’t want to add unwanted trash to the skip, this LOCKABLE skip is for you. These skips fit best at public places because in public places you can see every type of people come there daily and they can put anything in skips. So for facilitating you we suggest you take this LOCKABLE SKIP to avoid any unwanted things to be kept in skips.


As we have a vast range of skips in the same way, we have different prices depending upon the skip sizes. We have a total of 14 dimensions of skips ranging from a 2 yard skip to a 40 yard skip. But again we claim that our prices are reasonable and our skips are of the best quality.

2 Yard Skip

It is the smallest skip. You can use it to handle a small amount of household waste.

3 Yard Skip

You can also put the trash in this skip, which can be placed in a 2 yard skip, but this is relatively little larger than a 2 yard skip. This is a good idea to be kept in houses because it doesn’t occupy ample space.

4 Yard Skip

This 4 yard skip can be effective for the lawns or gardens waste of Nottinghamshire.

5 Yard Skip

This skip can be suitable for the canteen or cafeteria waste handling at Nottinghamshire.

6 Yard Skip

This is the medium-sized skip. It is suitable for trash made by construction work.

8 Yard Skip

In our 8 yard skip, 70 to 80 big sacks or 140 to 150 small sacks of waste can be put.

10 Yard Skip

This is best for the garbage of chambers of officers or offices of Nottinghamshire.

12 Yard Skip

This skip occupies ample space, and it also takes a large amount of waste in it.

14 Yard Skip

This 14 yard skip is made and designed to carry big and jumbo objects.

16 Yard Skip

This is a big skip and can be used for large jobs. This is also known as Maxi skip.

18 Yard Skip

This 18 yard skip can take 200 or more large bins in it. This is good in scenarios when you have construction work at Nottinghamshire.

20 Yard Skip

When you want to remove old and massive objects, then this skip is good.

25 Yard Skip

It is also suitable for a public place like Nottinghamshire because it can take almost 300 big waste bins.

30 Yard Skip

It is one of the big skips available to us. It is used to carry a hefty amount of waste.

40 Yard Skip

It is a huge skip. It can take any waste from light to heavy because of its enormous capacity.


We have used other companies multiple times, but when working with ZEM SERVICES Ltd, we realized that they value their work. They are not just money makers. They are also client-oriented and always give priority to what the client needs.
This company is sincere with their work and also with their clients. The skips they provided us are of high quality at excellent prices. I always recommend this company, and I always thank ZEM SERVICES Ltd for their fantastic work at our school.
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