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Zem Services Ltd is a well-known company that offers skip hire, cleaning, and trash removal services throughout the United Kingdom. We are a company that provides these services to its customers at very reasonable prices. We cover most of the urban areas in the UK and are also located in the Orkney Islands. If you have recently relocated to the Orkney Islands and are unsure who to contact for skip hire services, remember the name Skip Hire Orkney Islands is here to assist you. Visit our website and explore the various skips and get a quotation based on your budget.


Zem Services Ltd offers all types of services required to remove trash and waste, such as man with a van service, rubbish removal service, cleaning service, and skip hire service, all in one location, so don’t waste time and call us as soon as possible.


In the United Kingdom, a Skip is a container that comes to your home or business and collects waste. Zem Services Ltd provides skip hire services to its customers. There is a complete package of skips ranging from the smallest “Mini Skip” to the largest “RoRo Skip” for every type of customer. Some skips are for domestic clients and some skips are for commercial clients, so if you own a factory or want to clean your homes, just call us and we will be there in no time to provide you with the best of services.


If you have a large house or a large space that needs to be cleaned, there is a lot of waste, simply call the man with a van; this service is designed specifically for heavy and large amounts of waste to be disposed of. A van will arrive at your home with laborers who will take out the trash in trash bags. Everything will be overseen by a chief executive, and all you have to do is sit back and relax. So, without further ado, please visit our website and give us a call to take advantage of this service.


If you have renovated a portion of your home and stored all of the waste in a location such as a storeroom and now want to clean it up, or if you have cleaned your garden and now there is trash. Confused about how to remove all this trash because it is time-consuming and a tiring job for one or two people to solve this problem, Zem Services Ltd offers you the Rubbish Removal service at your doorsteps for a very minimal amount, in short, it’s a win-win situation for our customers, so take advantage of this opportunity to get the best service in the market.


Zem Services Ltd provides a complete package of skips to its customers, including the smallest skip, largest skips, and lockable skips, as well as customized skips that are specially designed at the request of customers. Now that we’ve arrived in the Orkney Islands, please contact us to arrange for the rental of a skip.


This skip hire is basically design for homes and small offices that have some amount of waste that needs to clean. They get the services of mini skip hire because it is one of the smallest skips available on the market plus it’s short so it’s easy to displace. In short, this skip can be the solution for waste removal in small places.


This Skip Hire is comparatively larger than a mini skip, which means it contains more waste and trash, so this skip is suitable for large houses with a backyard or garden, or a single-story office, so place your order accordingly.


If you are an Orkney Islands construction manager or own a construction site and are concerning about the waste produced from the construction, or if you want to demolish any site but don’t know what to do with the waste produced, the builder skip hire is the solution for you. It is specifically design to collect the waste produced from construction sites.


This skip hire is one of the largest skips available on the market; it is very large and can hold a lot of trash, such as hundreds of trash bags; it can collect waste from an office, factory, construction sites, or commercial sites. Maxi skip hire will take care of everything.


This is a unique type of Skip Hire because it is rarely use because it is so large. It is design to collect heavy waste such as concrete blocks or heavy metallic blocks, so if you are on a construction site, book this massive skip hire.


This skip hire is a special skip hire because it has a lid on the top that can lock. This skip has the advantage of privacy, as no one else can look into the contents without your permission, and it is also good for environmental safety.


There are various types of skip hire available on the market; some are small, some are large, and some are specially designed for specific purposes, so the prices vary due to the differences in shape and size. Thus, these prices range from GBP 150 to 500.

2 Yard Skip

2 yard skip is the smallest available on the market and is use for small amounts of waste.

3 Yard Skip

A 3 yard skip is larger than a 2 yard skip and can hold more waste.

4 Yard Skip

A 4 yard skip will hold more bags of waste, making it ideal for residential use.

5 Yard Skip

A 5 yard skip is ideal for small offices with a large number of trash bags.

6 Yard Skip

A 6 yard skip will suffice for large houses and offices.

8 Yard Skip

A skip of 8 yards is large enough to hold the waste of a small office.

10 Yard Skip

This 10 yard skip is large enough to hold approximately 150 trash bags.

14 Yard Skip

A 14 yard skip can easily dispose of a large amount of waste, such as a lot of trash.

16 Yard Skip

A 16 yard skip is consider to be greater than skip 14 and can handle more than 150 garbage bags.

18 Yard Skip

With the help of an 18 yard skip, a large amount of trash can dispose of.

20 Yard Skip

The 20 yard skip is use to accommodate up to 200 garbage bags and is capable of handling enterprise wastage.

25 Yard Skip

A 25 yard skip is commonly use to remove waste from construction sites. It is mainly use to clear rubbish and waste.

30 Yard Skip

To dispose of waste from an industry or a large commercial project, a 30 yard skip would be required.

40 Yard Skip

This large skip is use to get rid of heavy waste like metal and concrete.


I recently shifted my house, and the new house needed some cleaning. I was perplexed until I discovered this website, where I called the Man with a Van, and they came and cleaned everything in no time.
Jake Dew
I recently relocated, and the new house required some cleaning. I was perplexed until I discovered this website, where I called the Man with a Van, and they came right away and cleaned everything up.
Lisa John
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